How to Name Your Photography Business

When starting a photography business, there are a lot of details to address. People tend to focus their planning on legal and financial matters, often giving company naming less consideration. But this is a mistake, especially since your business name can be the first impression for a potential client. In […]

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Say Hello to Sell Media 1.9


Sell Media 1.9 is officially out and we’re really excited to show you what it is capable of. We’ve made several major changes that really improve how Sell Media works for you and your customers. It is available to download from our Sell Media page and You may also […]

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Introducing our WordPress Child Theme Generator

WordPress child theme

One of the biggest benefits of building your site using WordPress is you have total control over your website. Want to move the menu? Go for it! Want to add a custom section to your homepage? You can do it! And unlike hosted solutions that greatly limit code customizations, resulting in hundreds of cookie-cutter sites, the sky is the limit when you choose to use WordPress to build your website.

With great freedom comes great responsibility. WordPress at it’s core is all about freedom. You can do whatever you want with the code and the same is true when it comes to WordPress themes. You own the code and are free to use it and change it in any way you see fit.

Sometimes, however, modifying the code of WordPress themes can bite you in the ass.

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Introducing our Rewards Program


We are happy to announce our new Rewards Program, an easy way for you to earn prizes for referring friends and followers to our products and services. You can win free premium themes, get incredible discounts and earn sales commission when someone purchases one of our themes because of your […]

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How To Upload Large Images To WordPress

Upload large images WordPress

As internet speeds are growing faster and bandwidth limits are being lifted, photographers and other creative professionals finally have the opportunity to make their images appear in all their high-res glory online. In the past, large images loaded much more slowly and it simply wasn’t practical to fill your website […]

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