Sell Media Watermark

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Watermark is an extension for Sell Media, a free plugin that allows you to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio files and pdf's from your WordPress site. View all extensions »

The Watermark extension for Sell Media allows you to protect your large images in one click using a watermark image of your choice. You can choose to protect all large images on your site, or just those that you plan on selling using the Sell Media plugin. Simply check the “Watermark All Images” checkbox on the Settings page.

The extension doesn’t watermark the original source file (which is already protected if you’re using the Sell Media plugin).

For best results use a transparent PNG and make sure your watermark is smaller than your image (100 pixels by 100 pixels works great).

This Watermark extension does not overwrite, create new images, or harm existing images. Here are the system requirements for Sell Media Watermark:

  • You must use an Apache server. The vast majority of you likely do.
  • You must have PHP’s GD Image Library installed on your server. Again, you likely do.
  • Images must be hosted locally, not on a CDN.