Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!


Every year I compile a list of our most interesting accomplishments and stats from the last year and share them with our team. This year, we’re sharing them with you!

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And here they are in no particular order:

  1. Released 10 new WordPress themes: Onesie, Chromatic, Awesome, Remag, Sell Photos, Stock Photography, Snaps, Cooperative, Full Frame, Storyteller
  2. Released 2 new WordPress plugins: GPP Shortcodes, Sell Media
  3. Released 10 new extensions for Sell Media: Stripe, Discount Codes, Free Downloads, Photo Reprints, Advanced Search, Watermark, Commissions, Mailchimp, Magnifier, Expander
  4. Released 2 themes on WordPress.com: Full Frame, Awesome
  5. Updated 4 themes on WordPress.org: Mixfolio, Snaps, F8 Lite, Modularity Lite
  6. Released 4 themes on CreativeMarket.com: Widescreen, Albedo, Full Frame, Gridspace
  7. Updated all themes with our GPP Theme Options Framework (we open sourced it, too!)
  8. Introduced Priority Support for customers
  9. Redesigned GraphPaperPress.com
  10. Built and deployed a new referral system to reward our customers
  11. Standardized our local development environments using Vagrant and Chef
  12. Migrated web hosts from RackSpace to Digital Ocean
  13. Migrated from Apache to NGINX servers
  14. Created local and staging environments that mimic our production server
  15. Automated code deployments to our production servers using Capistrano
  16. Published 25 blog posts
  17. Grew Facebook and Twitter Followers by over 3,000
  18. Grew subscribers by over 60,000. That takes of over 250,000 total subscribers!
  19. Serving new retargeting advertising via Adroll, ditched Google Adwords
  20. We’re now advertising on Facebook
  21. Added one new member to our team
  22. Recorded our biggest sales day ever
  23. Committed approximately 2,000 commits to various theme and plugin repositories on GitHub
  24. 769 site visitors using Internet Explorer 6. Ugh.
  25. Sent 8 email newsletters to subscribers
  26. Sent over 2,500,000 emails to subscribers
  27. Conducted 1,560 minutes worth of team meetings over Google Hangout
  28. 1,420,116 site visitors from 225 countries
  29. 8,903 support tickets resolved within an average of 23 hours
  30. 180 priority support tickets resolved within an average of 15 minutes!

What Is Planned for 2014? You Decide.

Take the survey below and let us know what we should build in 2014!

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