3 Inspired Editorial Photographers & Themes (Powered by Us!)

Before we get started on this week’s feature, we wanted to let you know that we recently updated our Showcase with more than fifty new submissions. So go take a peek and check out the awesome sites of your fellow peers!

Every month we’re highlighting the amazing community here at Graph Paper Press not only on the Showcase, but right here on the blog. So far, we’ve featured wedding photographers using WordPress, and last month, we turned the spotlight onto illustrators using our WordPress themes.

This month, we’re highlighting editorial photographers, and they are hot, so let’s just jump right in!

First up, is Buenos Aires-based photographer Marco Guoli, who is using the Photo Workshop theme. With this theme, you can enable or disable slideshow controls and slideshow thumbnails throughout your site with a simple click on your theme options page. You can also hide or show captions by default for all slideshows and enable support for iPhone and iPad video to impress your peers.

Marco is also using the Photo Workshop theme in tandem with the PhotoShelter plugins, since this theme integrates with PhotoShelter nice and easy.

My favorite thing about editorial photography is that it tells a story, and my, what a story Marco tells! I love everything about the featured photo below – the action, the perspective, the light, and of course, the horse. Gorgeous, right?

Next up, check out editorial and humanitarian photographer Heber Vega‘s site which is using the theme Emporia. Originally from Chile, Heber has been based in northern Iraq since 2003. He specializes in documenting the work of humanitarian organizations and capturing stories for editorial photography.

The Emproria theme is responsive, which means it will work and look great on all mobile devices. It also allows you to choose from five different styles, add custom CSS, and has slideshow integration and easy magazine-style column layouts if you so choose. Definitely take some time to browse through Heber’s site. The photographs are beautiful, yes, but also illuminating.

Last up, we have Mark McGowan of Formidable Photography, based in the UK, who specializes in urban landscape photography, architecture, graffiti, religion and art. Mark is using the popular Sidewinder theme, but has given it his own unique look with his own logo.

I love the slight edge and darkness, or perhaps grit of Mark’s style. He certainly has an artistic viewpoint that is at once mysterious and intriguing.  You definitely want to take a step into his mind and see what happens.

That’s all for this month. We hope you enjoyed going into the worlds of these three different editorial photographers. Are you inspired to tell your own story? If you’re feeling like your site needs an update, browse our newest WordPress themes and then, keep your submissions coming! We love seeing and sharing your work.

8 responses to “3 Inspired Editorial Photographers & Themes (Powered by Us!)”

  1. Jagannath Kirtan Das Avatar
    Jagannath Kirtan Das

    Thanks for introducing me to these great photographers. You really grabbed me with that awesome horse photo. I’m slightly more convinced to do my photography site with GPP.

  2. Mark Luise Avatar
    Mark Luise

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  3. Mark Luise Avatar
    Mark Luise

    These articles are fantastic; the information you show us is interesting for everybody and is really good written. It’s just great!  Thanks for sharing on this post
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  5. Caera Clancy Avatar
    Caera Clancy

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