A Portrait of Portraits: Brilliant Photographers Using Our Themes

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Each month we like to feature users who are inspiring us with their brilliance and finesse.  So far this year, graphic designers, editorial photographers, and illustrators are among the artists we’ve highlighted. And this month we’re shining the spotlight on three impressive portrait photographers.

First, photographer Kevin Umlauf is utilizing our Fullscreen theme to showcase several of his colorfully bold images.  This one-column photography and multimedia WordPress theme was designed to bring the artist’s content front and center and Kevin’s site is a wonderful example of this.  The site’s pages are cleanly listed in the middle, which not only aids in keeping the spotlight on Kevin’s beautiful photos, but allows for easy navigation as well. I love that his images pop on the screen and practically beg his visitors to click each one – which, of course, I did (and then some).

Next up is Random Found Objects, a husband and wife photography team based in Virginia. Christina O’Connor and David Franusich’s work is featured in the entire screen, allowing the visitor to fully experience the details and side-scrolling photo WordPress theme, Sidewinder. Even more helpful is the site’s organization; every gallery page is accessible with one click, all viewable via Sidewinder’s staple side-scrolling feature.

This theme also provides several theme options, such as simple logo uploads, light and dark designs, and tracking code addition. These pictures really do say a thousand words and I can’t stop myself from wanting to scroll and imagine the stories every photo tells.  Their blog also assists in story-telling, providing explanations for some of the more unique pictures found on the site.

Lastly, Vanod Khapekar, based in Nagpur City, India is using our popular Modularity WordPress theme. Vanod is living out his childhood dream by traveling and taking pictures throughout India.  As we peruse his site, his passion for photography and his home country are both very evident. Modularity is one of our highly customizable themes, allowing users to feature a slideshow, video, magazine, or blog layout on their homepage, with just one click. Users can change their theme design pretty easily as well.

Vanod’s use of the slideshow layout is quite successful and we find ourselves wanting to savor all his photos.  Additionally, the contrast of the black background behind his vibrant photographs, especially the one of the playful boy, is both striking and beautiful.  Definitely a good choice.

That’s all we have for this month, but if you’re feeling inspired to spice up your website, take a look at our WordPress themes.  When you’ve found one that reflects you and your talent, feel free to submit your site to our showcase so we can feature your work.

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