Announcing Uno, a photo gallery child theme for Base

Uno photo gallery theme for WordPress

Say hello to Uno:

Uno photo gallery theme for WordPress
Uno theme for WordPress

Uno is our very first child theme for our newly release Base theme framework for WordPress.  Uno is primed for photographers, artists and bloggers who want to display sleek photo galleries, create a photoblog or simply need a clean, one-column theme.

Back Story

The concept for Uno was hatched after chatting with Will Yurman, an accomplished documentary photographer from New York state.  Will and I were instructors and roommates at NPPA’s Multimedia Immersion Workshop in upstate New York earlier this year.  Will wanted a platform where he could maintain a photoblog, a blog, post galleries, post client galleries, add videos, add multimedia and create pages all under one roof.  For years, Will has relied on a combination of web software to make his current site function: Pixel Post for photoblogging, static files for pages, WordPress for writing and Flash for client galleries.  The new platform needed to be holistic, he said, simple to use and and designed elegantly.  I  knew it was possible within WordPress, but, I told will, I would need a few months to make it happen.

That day has arrived.

Design Philosophy

As with most of our themes, Uno’s design fades into the background and allows your content to take center stage.  We have removed all distractions from this theme so your visitors can focus on your content.

You can choose from one of three pre-built color palette styles:

While the design is simple, the underlying theme framework that powers Uno is both flexible and bulletproof.  You can add custom CSS to override any of the pre-built styles and use your favorite font from the Google Font Directory without touching a single line of code.

Separate Blog

A common request we hear from users is the need to have a dedicated “Blog” page.  This page contains all Posts, typically assigned to specific categories that you select on your Theme Options page.  This way, your photo gallery Posts don’t get mixed in with your writing, or vice-a-versa.  If this isn’t and important feature, no worries, simply don’t create a Blog page or assign a Blog category on the Theme Options page.

HD & Mobile Video

Uno can even be a video blogging theme.  Huh?  Yep, it can.  Uno comes packaged with a built-in HD video player for self-hosting videos.  To serve mobile-friendly video files to users with Flash either disabled or not available, simply enable the Mobile Video option on the theme options page and upload your mobile-friendly video files into the Post (see instructions).

Getting Started

To download Uno, you will need a subscription to Graph Paper Press.  We look forward to seeing what you create!

10 responses to “Announcing Uno, a photo gallery child theme for Base”

  1. Nikita Pavlov Avatar

    As always – thatss great, but there is now download link yet at https://graphpaperpress.com/members/member.php

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Glad you like is Nikita!

      I just checked and both Uno and Base are available for paid subscribers. Perhaps you have a free account? Uno and Base are paid themes.

      1. Nikita Pavlov Avatar

        You’re right. By the way, do you know you’ve banned me in twitter? Perhaps for critisizing your log in system. I just discovered that and this is totally changed my mind about if I really want to be paid user.
        No, I’m not.

  2. Kiwicafe Avatar

    is this suitable for merging WordPress with PhotoShelter, if so where do I download, I am a paid subscriber 🙂

  3. amressam Avatar

    thanks very much
    good post

  4. Steven Böhm Avatar

    this theme is just what i was looking for!

  5. Matt2515 Avatar

    i have added to themes to my gallery. when I added a third there was no image and it was in left hand corner, no tho the left of my previous up;oaded ga;;ery

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Can you contact us and send along your website URL? https://graphpaperpress.com/contact/ (select Support)

  6. Tristan Avatar

    Before I just knew UNO the game, now I even know a theme, GREAT auto mieten zürich

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