4 Video Slider Plugins You Should Know About

Slider Revolution video slider

Adding visual flair and points of interest within limited screen estate is an ongoing design challenge for site owners, but fortunately there are plenty of established ways of solving the issue. Judiciously employed, sliders are at the top of that list of solutions. Sliders help pack a large amount of appealingly […]

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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Photo Galleries

WordPress photo galleries

When it comes to presenting photography on your website, possessing great imagery is only half the battle. The other half consists of presenting those images in a way that is both attractive and professional. Thankfully, WordPress’ native photo gallery builder is able to organize and display a range of images […]

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The 5 Best Free Lightbox Plugins for WordPress

The WP Lightbox 2 plugin

WordPress lightbox plugins have been around for a long time, and are arguably more popular than ever. Why? Largely because of their versatility and potential application across a variety of industries such as retail galleries, artistic and professional portfolios, an endless stream of food blogs, and opt-in placements. Aside from industry-specific benefits, WordPress lightbox plugins can: Prevent […]

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Conversion Optimization: 5 Key Ingredients for Your Portfolio

A woman viewing an online project with her laptop

Gaining clients in the digital arena can be an ongoing challenge. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, writer, or visual artist, slapping together a standard portfolio doesn’t necessarily position you for long-term success. In recent years, conversion optimization has become a hot topic among marketers. Success isn’t just about building traffic – it’s about converting […]

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6 Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Between powerful tools like WordPress and fast connection speeds available to many, it has never been easier to showcase high-quality selections of your photography online. But the need for speed is pivotal. Inflict a sluggish site on the world and you can expect search engines to steer clear. Even the users who […]

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What is Influencer Outreach and Why Does it Matter?

Man Typing WordPress Post

With more than 41 million photographers in the U.S. alone and a market value pushing $82 billion, the photography industry is ever-expanding. Competition is fierce, to say the least. How will you grow your business and thrive in such a saturated market? Your website is a key means to reaching new customers, and one of […]

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BPG vs JPEG: Everything You Need to Know

As the most widely used image format in the world and the standard format for image compression, we’re all familiar with the JPEG. However, it’s far from perfect. After over 20 years of JPEG loyalty, is it time for something new? There are, of course, the well-known GIF and PNG file formats, […]

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