Introducing: Awesome WordPress Theme

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Our new Awesome WordPress theme is our most versatile WordPress theme to date and includes a flat design aesthetic that helps your content to take center stage. You really have to browse the Awesome demo to see what a great website this theme could make.

Awesome WordPress theme

Awesome Features:

  • Awesome slideshows – Gallery thumbnails are so boring and make your visitors take an extra step to see your awesome images. So Awesome turns your gallery into a fullscreen slideshow automatically. No extra work required.
  • Minimalist menu – Awesome uses the new trend of using minimalist menus with icons so it doesn’t hinder the fullscreen view of your photos. No need to use lightbox for a fullscreen experience.
  • Big header videos, images and slideshows – Express yourself in a big way; effortlessly.
  • Simple set up – No more fumbling through complicated code or dense customizations. Use the theme customizer to personalize you site with different fonts, colors, logos and backgrounds.

Plus the usual features that come standard with all of our themes:

  • Responsive Design – Your website will still look pretty no matter what device you use.
  • Multi-Purpose – All of our themes can be used as portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce site.
  • Regular Updates & Support – We always make sure our products are up to date with the latest technology and you get 1 year of access to our support team with single purchases.

The Awesome WordPress theme supports the following post formats, which essentially allow you to customize the presentation of each post:

As you can see in the examples above, our Awesome WordPress theme could make a captivating photography website, a video website or a clean blog (or all of the above!). Visit the Awesome WordPress theme page to get yourself a copy.

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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30 thoughts on “Introducing: Awesome WordPress Theme”

  1. Would love to see a portrait format image sample added to the demo. We’re in love with this theme but need to showcase some square and portrait images…

    1. If you want the Featured Images and Header Images to be squares or horizontals, that would require a small tweak that our support team could help you out with.

  2. Can it support photoshelter and their new beam platform ?
    Themes that can’t connect with and make use of my main image bank are not of much use to us, sadly.
    Otherwise it does look great!

  3. Seems nice in the first look, minimal menu is good advantage and work well in both desktop and mobile view, but at the end the whole design is look like wordpress weblog format, to using as a portfolio, lack of gallery(s) page(like what you have in Emporia theme) is a weakness, its not easy and strait forward for portfolio usage specially from the visitors point of view who invited to come and see the art-works they need to access to galleries quickly not by post archives
    Would be great to see these new features combined with some previous gallery page format’s theme.
    Btw nice job ad keep it up.

    1. I appreciate your feedback. We already have a lot of themes with grid layouts. Awesome deliberately doesn’t include them for this exact reason (it’s been done to death already). You can use Post Format Archives for creating portfolios, like this:

      Or you can use a combination of Categories and Post Formats. It’s very flexible.

        1. Yes, but you can change the layout with a few lines of css (add it to your custom CSS panel):

          .home .site-main, .archive .site-main { margin: 0 2%; }

          .home article, .archive article { float: left; width: 31%; margin: 0 3% 3% 0; }

          .home article:nth-child(3n+1), .archive article:nth-child(3n+1) { clear: left; }

          .home article:nth-child(3n+3), .archive article:nth-child(3n+1) { margin-right: 0; }

          .home .paging-navigation, .archive .paging-navigation { clear: both; }

          That said, why not use Gridspace if that the effect you want?

  4. Hi, this Theme is really interesting but have a question. Is it integrated with Sell Media Plugin? I’m sure it the plugin works with the Theme, but do we need to integrate the presentation of images? Or is it ready like the last version of Albedo + Sell Media or Sell Photos Theme?
    Thanks, Alberto.

    1. Glad you like it. We are actually making a few tweaks today and tomorrow to fully integrate the Awesome theme with Sell Media. It will work just fine right now, but there are some minor styling improvements we want to make with sites integrated with Sell Media. Version 1.0.2 will include Sell Media integration. Right now, Awesome is at version 1.0.1. Simply download the theme now and then use the GPP Theme Updates plugin to update Awesome automatically when 1.0.2 comes out later this week.

  5. Been fooling with this theme for a while now trying to see I make it work for us.
    Really like the design of this one.

    I note that if I turn on the social media icons on some menu items it is inherited by the submenus, ( like any submenu of my “about” item) but not other nav items like “portfolio”

    Is there a way to turn of the inheritance of the social media icons by submenus?

    1. Fixed the issue for now by adding this line to the end of the style.css
      block that handles the social media icons.
      The invalid character in the content field seems to clear the icon nicely
      from the sub menus that select it for their optional css class.

      .main-navigation ul.sub-menu > div > div > li.blank a:before {
      content: ‘f’;


  6. Are there better or more thorough instructions for setting up this theme than can be found in the theme ReadMe? I’m trying to simply set up the home page – using featured images – and it’s not working. I’m sure it’s something simple – it usually is. But without a checklist or theme-specific instructions, I’m left here being frustrated. I find your instructions for many of your themes to be rather generic and not specific enough to be helpful for that particular theme. And since your support forum is locked down, I can’t find answers from others who may have encountered similar issues.

      1. Well I really wouldn’t know if I’m setting it correctly or not. The instructions read more like a feature list rather than a how-to.
        What I would like – and I would guess many other photographers-not-coders would like – is a paragraph that reads something like: “If you want to set your theme to look like the demo of Awesome, then follow these steps. [insert steps here. And if the post format is important to making the home page work, then by all means say that and describe how to set it correctly.]”
        Often I can tell you guys are just using instructions copied from a previous theme and you’re not taking the time to make specific instructions for the new theme. And why aren’t your forums open at least to paying members? I used to be able to solve my problems by reading the solutions of others who have come before me. Now I have to file a ticket and stop everything and wait.
        More specifically to my Awesome problem is that the image will not appear on the home page after I make a post. I insert the image into the post, I make it the featured image, and I just get text when I load the home page. I would send a link to you but I’ve already abandoned the theme and moved on.

        1. We itemize our instructions for easy scanning and organizational clarity. The homepage should work perfectly out of the box, so I’d be curious to see your site so I could help you diagnose your problem. Most themes are similar in terms of the initial setup requirements, which is why the instructions might seem similar.

  7. Hello,

    I just bought Awesome and I am loving it. It’s great for my video portfolio. I am wondering if there is any way for the video embeds to be centered on the main page like the galleries are. They look fine if your window is small but as soon as one maximizes the window all of the video embeds sit on the left.

    Any fix to this?

    I’m a novice when it comes to websites.

    Thank you!

  8. Would this theme work if you wanted to show the work of 100 film directors each with their own area. So when you clicked on their name on a menu it would only bring up their work?

  9. I’m trying out the Mixfolio template.

    However, some of the thumbnails show much smaller in size than others on the home page although the original images are large. I’ve tried everything to correct this: uploading large size feature images, changing the Format, changing the Settings – Media, changing categories, changing images – nothing helps.
    Why is it posting tiny featured images?

    1. I should also mention that it leaves empty boxes. If I have six posts with feature images, the home page may show 4 or 5 while the sixth one is on another page so there’s an empty block on the front page.

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  11. Today I published my first blog called Systolic ART. This is what I am using as my format. It is beautiful and perfect for what I am expressing. Thank you!!

  12. Hi!!
    I have a question. Where is the plugins section? I want to install WP Date Remover.

    Otherwise, How I can hide the publication dates of the entry? I don’t want my site to have the look of a blog.

    Thanks a lot!!

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