Base 1.2.1 Released

Base 1.2.1 is now ready for download. This update is highly recommended for users utilizing Base or any of its child themes.


  • This update addresses jQuery compatibility issues with the recent release of WordPress 3.2

To update from an earlier version of Base to version 1.2.1, please make a backup of your existing Base theme and upload Base 1.2.1 into your wp-content/themes/ folder via FTP. Active, paid subscribers can download Base 1.2.1 from their member dashboard. If you have automatic theme updates enabled on your Base theme options, you can update in one click from your WordPress Dashboard.

2 responses to “Base 1.2.1 Released”

  1. Oakleys Avatar

    YXJYXQHAPPY I like it very much!

  2. Tailor Avatar

    Since I am a user who utilizes base, this is definitely going to be helpful to me, I will check the update, thanks for providing the information and installation guidelines.

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