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Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress themes 2015

Starting this Friday at midnight, you can save 68% off any Graph Paper Press plan. That means you’ll get all 55 of our WordPress themes for as little as $31.68! Best of all, you’ll lock in this rate for as long as your plan is active – it’s a discount that just keeps on giving! Take the chance to build yourself the website you’ve always wanted, or give the gift of beautiful web design to a friend.

Here are the details:

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Save 68% on the Forever Plan

Get all of our current themes and plugins, as well as any of our future themes and plugins, plus a free pass to Theme.Works, where you can create 10 custom theme designs ($129 value).

  • Price: $399 $127.68
  • Total savings: $271.32

Use discount code BLACKCYBER2015 during checkout:

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Save 68% on the Professional Plan

Get all 55 themes and 26 plugins, including updates and support.

  • Price: $149 $47.68
  • Total savings: $101.32

Use discount code BLACKCYBER2015 during checkout:

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Save 68% on the Basic Plan

Get all 55 themes, including updates and support.

  • Price: $99 $31.68
  • Total savings: $67.32

Use discount code BLACKCYBER2015 during checkout:

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We’re a trusted premium theme partner of Automattic, the brain behind WordPress.


Over 97% of our customers describe our customer support as “great.” That’s because we’re 100% committed to providing our users with the highest level of customer service.


We’ve been building premium themes for clients around the world for more than a decade.

Additional Savings

We’ve extended this same 68% discount to Theme.Works, our new custom WordPress theme builder. Visit Theme.Works now to check it out and take advantage of this offer!

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7 thoughts on “Save 68% from Black Friday through Cyber Monday”

  1. Is the forever plan limited to 10 custom wordpress templates? Or can I purchase the forever option and make unlimited custom wordpress themes?

  2. A few days ago while organizing my paypal account I canceled direct debit renewal of the Graph Paper Press premium plan scheduled for next year.
    Now I can’t login to access theme’s and plugin collections, does it mean I lost access to all the features?

    1. Yes, it does. You should have received a cancellation email from us. There is a discount code in that email so you can renew at a discount.

  3. can i still get this discount? i would really love to move to use your designs. how about we call it a new years discount? i would love the courtesy and understanding. thank you so much!

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