Security Update for Modularity, Photo Workshop, Widescreen WordPress Themes

This just in from VaultPress:

Yesterday we learned of a vulnerability in a popular image resizing library called TimThumb, which is used in many WordPress themes and plugins, including a few of our older themes. The vulnerability was first reported by Mark Maunder in a post on his blog, and has been confirmed by the author of TimThumb. The vulnerability allows third parties to upload and execute arbitrary PHP code in the TimThumb cache directory. Once the PHP code has been uploaded and executed, your site can be compromised however the attacker likes.

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Case Study: How Creatives Use WordPress

WordPress has made a major dent in the creative landscape. As more and more photographers, artists and publishers discover WordPress and Graph Paper Press themes, we thought it would be interesting to delve into the various ways people create and publish their work. We spoke with a variety of creatives about their workflow and how WordPress fits into their day-to-day lives. Here’s what they said, along with examples of their fantastic work.

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How to Convert WordPress Custom Post Types

If you’re a photographer migrating to a WordPress-powered website, it’s unintuitive that you need to create photo galleries as either Posts or Pages. You will probably be looking for a Gallery menu item on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard. I know I sure would be. Well, you can stop looking, because it doesn’t exist. Continue reading for helpful tips on how to solve this.

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A tribute to early theme adopters

Users who adopt version 1.0 of anything deserve serious respect. Without these early adopters, software developers would be permanently stuck in beta testing mode. So, today we’re paying homage to these pioneering users who have adopted early releases of our themes as a way to say thanks. Sit back and enjoy!

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New WordPress plugins for creating About, Welcome, and Testimonial sections

Graph Paper Press WordPress plugins

Have you ever wanted to create an eye-catching testimonial page celebrating positive customer feedback? Perhaps you want a simple welcome message alerting your site visitors to something important. Or maybe you need a biographical about section in your footer so visitors and potential customers know how to get in touch with you.

If so, these free WordPress are for you. They are simple, easy to use and like all widgets, they can be moved around into any widgetized region. No coding required!

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