Create a Streamlined & Compelling Portfolio with New Theme Reportage

Designed by the meticulous and creative minds of our theme developers – the same minds behind Albedo, a fast favorite for photographers – means that new theme Reportage has the compelling design and streamlined layout your photographs will love.

Reportage helps you create a beautiful and professional website, with a primary focus on portfolio images and a secondary focus on blog updates. This theme ensures your images stand out, with a slight border and shadow for emphasis.

The amazing Live Theme Customizer which allows you change background colors, upload a custom header image, and choose from perfect Google font pairings, (all while watching the changes happen instantaneously), is also included in the Reportage theme.

Drag-and-Drop Slideshows

Display beautiful slideshows on the homepage, in your portfolio and blog posts simply by uploading images in WordPress. Rearrange your homepage slideshow slides using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Live Theme Customizer

Preview your theme customization changes instantly on the page before saving. Change colors, fonts, logos, header images, image orientation, switch between a left or right sidebar, and add custom CSS.

Custom Fonts

Select the perfect typography for your site from either the Theme Options or the Theme Customizer page. Preview font choices live on the page before making those changes live for your visitors.

Responsive Design

Reportage adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see the fluid grids and flexible images in action.

Get It Now

Get Reportage here. You can purchase this theme individually, or if you’re a paid Graph Paper Press member, you can download it now.

Are you loving Reportage? Let us know in the comments. We’re looking forward to seeing your site with this gorgeous theme.

9 responses to “Create a Streamlined & Compelling Portfolio with New Theme Reportage”

  1. Brooklyn Avatar

    But does it integrate with PhotoShelter? This is one of the most compelling features of using Graph Paper Press’s beautiful templates.

    1. Mikael Svensson Avatar
      Mikael Svensson

      + for Photoshelter integration!

  2. Mike Avatar

    It’s a beautiful looking theme – but no Photoshelter integration?

  3. Stuart L. Crawford Avatar

    I always get my site looking ‘good’ then come across a new theme like this that makes me want to do a complete overhaul…. must….. resist.

  4. keith Avatar

    gorgeous. would really, really love to see photoshelter integration for this theme.

  5. blackshadow Avatar

    Looks very nice, I’d love to see full Photoshelter integration.

  6. Momen Avatar

    Can I use my own logo with Albedo?

  7. friv 4 Avatar

    beautiful theme. I like it.

  8. nx8 Avatar

    Thanks for giving me the useful information.

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