Deadwood Lite

Deadwood Lite is a free minimal theme primed for writers who want to focus their online efforts on readability, pull quotes and clarity. Deadwood Lite comes packaged with:

  • Ten rotating custom header images
  • Two fully widgetized sidebars
  • A fully widgetized bottombar
  • Authors Archive page
  • Two page templates: One with sidebars and another without
  • S.E.O. optimized
  • Valid HTML and CSS
  • Utilizes the Blueprint CSS framework


  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Upload the entire “Deadwood Lite″ folder to your “/wp-content/themes/” folder
  3. Log in into your WordPress control panel
  4. Click the Presentation tab
  5. Select the “Deadwood Lite” screenshot

45 responses to “Deadwood Lite”

  1. Gordon Brander Avatar

    Great theme guys! It’s a creative, fresh take. Love it!

  2. Mikael Avatar

    I love this Template

    Hove to remove the teaser text ?


    Hove to switch the Two page templates: One with sidebars and another without ?


  3. Elaine Vigneault Avatar

    Very nice. I like the clean look 🙂

  4. admin Avatar


    You can delete the teaser text (assuming you mean the “about” text at right) by opening index.php and deleting these lines:

    1. <!-- ABOUT BOX -->
    2. <div class="box">
    3. <h6>About <?php bloginfo('name'); ?></h6>
    4. <p class="small">
      <?php bloginfo('description'); ?>.
      <a href="<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>">Subscribe via RSS &raquo;</a></p>
    5. </div>

    To switch between the two page templates (narrow and wide) select the PAGE TEMPLATE section on the right side of the WRITE PAGE page. Select WIDE PAGE.

  5. Mikael Avatar

    Hi i mean the extra text left on all articles.

    The text above BY ADMIN


  6. admin Avatar


    Click on Presentation in WP Admin, open up index.php and delete this line:

    1. <h2 class="quiet alignright"><em><?php the_excerpt(); ?></em></h2>
  7. Dane Avatar

    Is there a page with documentation about how to manage this theme? For example, how do you define which text will be called out on the left? How do you assure that your images will be the right size and not end up being too big and “under” the boxes on the right?

    Looks great in the screenshot, but when applied to my blog at, it kind of “breaks” it. =)

    Thanks for tips!


  8. Rasmus Johnsen Avatar
    Rasmus Johnsen

    First of all thanks for at great theme! And I might be missing something. But for some reason the comment link doesn’t work.

    1) Do I really need to comment for the comment link to show up – seems like that’s the case in my installation …?

    2) When I comment the link show up, but when i click it nothing happens (url: What am I missing?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  9. Mikael Avatar

    Hi again

    hmm sorry for all the questions.

    last question i hope.

    ok i did this

    but now i want the post text that is in the midel to be to the left, i have tryed my self but i dont finde the way to do it.

    look my site hope you se what i want

    Big Thanks

  10. Mikael Avatar

    Hi again

    i have fixed it


  11. Michael Avatar

    Great work – thanks a lot!

  12. cooper Avatar

    I’m using it and really like it. Thanks. the only problem I have is that when someone comes to the main page and clicks comments on the post which is showing it
    takes you nowhere. The only way to get to comments is to click the title and go to the single post page, and some of my visitors don’t understand that when coming to the front page, they assume the comments don’t work.

  13. cooper Avatar

    One other thing when I click the links for categories, at the bottom of the post or in the category widget it doesn’t lead to categories just to a crazy page full of something , it leads to a page which does not list categories it just is a page with powered by WordPress listed down the page.

  14. admin Avatar

    @Dane: Images should be a maximum of 350px wide. The text at left is the post excerpt.

    @All: To link directly to the meta data (categories, comments) from the front post, insert this:

    1. <div class="meta">
    2. <?php the_time('F jS, Y') ?>
    3. | Published in
    4. <?php the_category(', ');
      if($post->comment_count > 0)
      { echo ' &nbsp;|&nbsp; ';
      if($post->comment_count > 1)
      { echo '<a href="#comments">'
      . $post->comment_count . ' Comments</a>';
      } else { echo '<a href="#comments">
      1 Comment</a>'; } } edit_post_link('Edit', '
      &nbsp;|&nbsp; ', ''); ?>
    5. </div>

    @Cooper: You found the answer to your issue, right?

  15. Andrea Avatar

    Hi, I’m using this template, but on Internet Explorer 6 I get an error:

    “Error: ‘document.getElementById(…)’ is null or not an object

    line 3 char 2 code o on

    do you know why? is it a javascript error? I didn’t touch javascript…

    thanks so much and compliments!

  16. emma arnold Avatar

    Thanks so much for a really elegant solution guys!
    I am having a problem with the archive and about link in the main nav, it goes to a 404 error page…how can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance.


  17. emma arnold Avatar

    also If I wanted to ad banner advertisting, how would I go about doing this…

  18. Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy! Avatar

    hi. how do i put banner ads(random) instead of random images on the header??

    thank you and btw, great minimalist design.

  19. Jenn Avatar

    Please explain in more detail where to place the code listed above for the meta data. You said to place it in the code for the “front post.” What does that mean? Does that mean it goes in the index file? Where?

    Also, I have searched and searched the code, but can’t find where the yellow is assigned to italic text. Please tell me where to find it as I want to eliminate it.

    THANKS! Great theme!

  20. pancho Avatar

    Great job on this theme! 😀 thanx

  21. pancho Avatar


    I have the same problem than @cooper with the comment link at the bottom of the post. I copy & paste the code for solution but ot work, if I kil on the link on the url still write even if there is 3 comments. How can I fix this ?
    For every thing else I love this theme 😀


  22. acnenomore Avatar

    I love this template man…Its fits my site just nice


  23. Mike Chansen Avatar
    Mike Chansen

    Hello, I’ve downloaded the theme -and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Although, I am having a few issues heres:

    I removed the quoted text in the side of each post but now the text doesn’t scale completely -it’s alined to the left.

    I would like the text to take all the space reserved for the post!

    I’ve checked the index.php, but I haven’t found anything relevant to help me.

    Thanks in advance for your support!


  24. pratik Avatar

    hi there…

    This is a really good theme.
    I am using it on the site…
    I have modified it a bit…. not more… i like it very much… 🙂

  25. mark Avatar

    @Mike Chansen
    i fixed that by commenting out a few lines on the index.php page. Look for the code below and comment them out. Hope that helps.


    Ok for one thing, I just noticed that this template isnt Internet Explorer friendly. Not like I really bother (since IE = evil) but giving into consideration that your audience may be IE users, this could be a hassle.
    I’ve made out several probs but now I can’t solve why I get the error “;” expected at Line 2 Char 202. I’ve check several times and I’ve made sure I enclosed all tags properly. Sure is a hassle.

    1. Ryan Avatar

      did you get this line 2 char 2020 expected ‘;’ figured out? I am having the same problem with another theme from graphpaper press.

      1. sonadora Avatar

        Same problem here for Deadwood theme with IE Error on Page: Line 2 char 202 expected ‘;’

        I did a trial and error code cut in the header.php and found the culprit line.
        From header.php, I deleted:

        <script language="javaScript" src="/js/dhtml.js” type=”text/javaScript”>

        This line of code targets IE browsers 5.5 and up and affects function of the main navigation in dhtml.js. I am using a menu plugin for my site and removing that bit of code doesn’t affect my navigation. Hopefully works for you too?

        Glad I don’t have to see that stupid IE yellow error sign now.

  26. mark Avatar

    ah sucks… i thought that pre-code tag is supported here. Anyway, here’s my fix again. Look for the line that says div class column span 5 append 1 and comment that out till its enclosure which is the closing div tag below the h3 tag enclosure. thats just a few lines below.
    anyway, anyone know a workaround for this to properly work on IE?

  27. runegamborg Avatar

    This is an extremely very well designed theme, but unfortunately it is broken in IE all versions. And as so is unusable. A total shame. Somehow the javascript error messes up the layout and the excerpt typography is all wierd.
    I am new on this site, is there anyway to contact the author about this? I have tried my own workarounds to no avail. Or does anyone know if this is also a problem in the paid version?..

  28. Luda Avatar

    Like Emma Arnold, I’m not sure how the “about” and “archives” links are to work.
    It wants to link to directories called “about” and “archive” in my wordpress directory.

    How are these to be amended or how does this aspect work?

    Many thanks.

  29. sarahcooley Avatar

    I have a quick question about the tabs on the top. Is there any way to edit them?

    1. Rachelle Avatar

      Hey did you figure out this? How to change or add tabs at the top of the deadwood lite theme?


  30. fernrichardson Avatar

    Is there a way to limit the excerpted text to the left of the post to only one sentence? I notice in the screenshot that only the first sentence is being excerpted, but when I installed the theme, it is excerpting several sentences. I want to show the full post on my homepage, but just excerpt the first sentence to the left.

    Thanks in advance! Great theme!!!

  31. fernrichardson Avatar

    Nevermind, I figured it out. Sorry for asking a dumb question. 🙂

    1. ryan Avatar

      how did you figure this out?

      1. claire Avatar

        when You edit your post,
        write only the sentence you want to be in grey in the little window beneath the real post window

  32. liz Avatar

    This website is being built for a Christmas present, all the development is being sorted out inside a sub-folder of my own website. The problem is when it calls a page (for example the about page) it will call it from my website in the main directory, not only the text but my theme as well. How do I get it to display the about page for this website, located within the sub-folder?

  33. estetik Avatar

    thank you

  34. Anastasiia Palamarchuk Avatar
    Anastasiia Palamarchuk

    I know this must be a very simple question, but I’m not able to create the about us page, it goes to NOT FOUND, the same for archives..
    Is there something I’m not uploading?

  35. Rachelle Avatar

    How do you change the tabs and add more??? Also the links are not found?


  36. ryan Avatar

    how do i shorten the quoted text on the left sidebar to just a few lines rather than over 20? i just downloaded the theme. it is awesome.

  37. ZHU Avatar

    Thanks in advance! Great theme!!!

  38. AdamK Avatar

    Love this theme. It’s perfect for my friend’s small jewelry business. Is there a way to limit the number of posts displayed on the homepage – say to just one or two posts?

  39. เกมส์ Avatar

    I cant think other themes for my development

    Thanks a lot . . .

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