Drag and drop to organize your WordPress content

We’re happy to announce that Albedo and Reportage now include the Theme Options Sortable feature we introduced through our Onesie Pro theme.

What does this mean? Well, Theme Options Sortable is just a fancy term for Drag and Drop organization. If your website uses one of our Albedo, Reportage or Onesie Pro themes you’ll now be able to effortlessly organize the order of the content on the front page of your website, all without touching a single line of code. Whoa.

How does it work?

With the new drag and drop feature all sections in Albedo, Reportage and Onesie Pro become optional and can be arranged to fit your specific needs. Don’t need an about section? Disable it on the theme options page. Your blog section isn’t getting enough attention? Move it closer to the top.

Accessing this feature is quite easy. Simply visit your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options and click on the Homepage tab. Here you’ll be able to assign pages to sections that require them and enable your portfolio and e-commerce sections should you choose to include them.

Here’s a quick video of our Drag and Drop organization feature in action through our Onesie Pro theme.

We think this is pretty great.

If there are other themes you’d like to see this feature in please let us know in the comments section below.

2 responses to “Drag and drop to organize your WordPress content”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    In the sortable section I am not getting the drop-down tab option on the right of the bar. I’m unable to access/edit the content of each section.. Any thoughts?

  2. Crystal Avatar

    Each section (slide show, home widget, portfolio, blog, sell media) cannot be selected nor re-arranged in the albedo theme. You help is greatly appreciated 🙂 thank you.

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