Introducing the Expo WordPress theme

Expo WordPress theme

If you’re looking for a website that includes the focus of a splash screen with horizontal side-scrolling effects, check out our new Expo WordPress theme.

Expo WordPress theme

Main Benefits

  • A blank canvas – Showcase your photos from edge to edge. Make a big impact.
  • Focused messaging – The splash screen helps you communicate effectively by minimizing distractions.
  • Increase engagement – Horizontal and infinite scrolling effects helps visitors stay engaged.
  • Easy to customize – Live preview changes to fonts and colors before saving.
  • Built for business – Build an independent creative business when you combine Expo with our free Sell Media plugin.
  • Translation-ready – All text is ready to be translated into your own language.

Main Features

  • Full-width photos – All header images span the full width of the browser.
  • Splash screen – Shows your custom header image, site description and button to clearly communicate your mission.
  • Customizer – Expo integrates with the Customizer so you can tweak the design of your website and preview the changes before saving.
  • Custom headers – Add custom headers to posts and pages that span the full width of the browser.
  • Custom colors – Change colors to match your own personal style.
  • Hundreds of fonts – Change fonts to match your own personal style.
  • Widgets – Add text, links, images, signup forms, etc. by dragging and dropping them into Expo’s widgetized areas.
  • Horizontal scrolling – Navigate between posts using horizontal scrolling on the home and archive pages.
  • Infinite scrolling – Load more posts without having to leave the page.
  • Jetpack integration – Add carousels, contact forms, likes, social sharing, subscriptions, galleries and much more.
  • E-Commerce-ready – Expo integrates with our Sell Media plugin so you can sell photos directly from your WordPress site.



Expo WordPress theme

Homepage After Clicking Enter

Expo WordPress theme

Single Post With Featured Image and Tiled Gallery

Expo WordPress theme - single gallery

Open Menu On Homepage

Expo WordPress theme menu

Category Archive With Horizontal Scrolling

Expo horizontal scrolling

Single Page

Expo single page


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18 responses to “Introducing the Expo WordPress theme”

  1. Raphael Avatar

    I like it! THis might be my next format for my portfolio site…

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Awesome! Looking forward seeing what you create!

  2. Will Avatar

    Looks pretty. Could it be configured without the splash page, with the most recent post as the home page – with the featured image full frame?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sure, you can assign a different page (posts and page have same featured image full frame effect) by visiting the Settings -> Reading -> Front Page Displays -> Static Front Page.

  3. Jeannette Avatar

    Hello, it’s precious! Is it fully responsive? We need a theme that works on mobile devices too. (please say yes, we love it)

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yep, it’s responsive 🙂 All of our new (post 2011) are responsive.

      1. Jeannette Avatar

        thanks for answering, this will be our new theme!

  4. Stephen Saucier Avatar
    Stephen Saucier

    You realize this is homepage is unusable on PC with a mouse? Scrolling with the mouse scroller moves about 3 pixels at once.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We’ll look into it and get it fixed. What browser?

      1. Stephen Saucier Avatar
        Stephen Saucier

        Chrome, FF, IE, Opera, Yandex…

        1. Henri Avatar
        2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          We know what the problem. Simple fix.

    2. maharzan Avatar

      Thank you for noticing this issue. It should now be fixed. 🙂

  5. Henning Avatar

    Wondering how to set and get the same image sizes as in the demo (e.g. vertical image)…

  6. András Hegyle Avatar
    András Hegyle

    I love this theme, however I find it a bit annoying that there is a color filter over the photographs (when looking at them in the horizontal scrolling part). Is it possible to remove this filter?

  7. Galy Avatar

    Hi, I just got EXPO. It is crazy. The images are out of proportion and blurry. I need help ASAP

  8. Jen Avatar

    This is gorgeous! Wondering too about the color filter over the images in the scrolling portion of the page. Is there also a way to add a small menu across the top, rather than it being in the hidden dropdown? Considering this for my photography site and have a feeling that many potential clients may not know how to expand the menu.

  9. Jess Avatar

    Hi! I know these comments are quite old now, but did anyone have a way to remove that color filter than others here mentioned?

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