F8 Lite and F8 Static 4.0 Released

We just dropped a big release for our popular free WordPress themes F8 Lite and F8 Static. Here is an overview of the changes:

  • Merged two themes into one.  The themes now use the exact same codebase.
  • Added theme options for slideshow options, phone number, email
  • Removed a deprecated functions and images
  • Cleaned up styles, image display and image navigation

The following files changed:

  • bottom.php – updated
  • functions.php – updated
  • header.php – updated
  • image.php – updated
  • li-white.png – deleted
  • images/search.gif – deleted
  • images/slideshow/ – deleted
  • searchform.php – updated
  • slideshow.php – updated
  • style.css – updated
  • theme-options.php – added

Both themes are available in your member downloads.  They are the exact same theme.  The only thing different is the theme folder name and the name of the theme on style.css.

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