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F8 Remixed is a unique theme for WordPress that can transform your Web site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio Web site. SEO optimized, iPhone compatible, 100% customizable options page, grid-based css, built-in Galleria support, built-in multimedia support, auto or manual thumbnail control, Gravatars, plus much, much more. All colors, fonts, front page categories, contact info, homepage main photo height and other options can be managed on the f8 theme options page. There is no need to edit theme code, unless you want to customize f8.

F8 Remixed is essentially F8, except that the slideshow has been replaced with a large photo and text overlay.

f8, which is a technical term referring the lens aperture setting on a camera, is theme long in the making. A little over five years ago, I began the arduous task of trying to find a way to present my photos to the world online. I primarily wanted two things: A portfolio section and a blog section built into one CMS. What I didn’t know at the time, is that it would take me five years to figure out. After researching literally hundreds of options including Flash powered portfolios (a big no-no in today’s mobile world), to countless bulky CMS’s that just didn’t cut it, I decided on using WordPress. It was well worth the wait.

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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27 thoughts on “f8 remixed”

  1. These are exquisite themes. Thank you for the generous special. I am sure once I learn how to use them and my clients see these in use I will be upgrading to the pro license.

  2. Interested in your templates for my new site but clicking to view anything give me a ‘can’t connect to the database’ message…

  3. am about to purchase the f8 remixed theme for my portfolio website. Is my mind playing tricks on me or was there initially a small thumbnails area to click on image which would then appear in main area? instead of the current 2 image slideshow? I really liked that because it showed everything at once but still gave the option for the viewer to choose. is there a way to still purchase that version?

  4. Also, Can you make one F8 version that includes all the sub versions? F8 remix and lite.
    Please, tell me if you could do this, and charge me at a reasonable price, hopefully.

  5. I downloaded this theme and when I tried to make it active, it says that the “template is missing”

    Any way to correct this?

    1. me too… and now this error as well:

      Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in … wp-content/themes/modularity/includes/images.php on line 29

  6. Hi Thad,

    The instructions in the theme folder give no helpful insight into the “Template is missing” error.

    Pulled from the file:

    1. Unzip the folder contained in the archive to your computer
    2. Upload the folder and its contents to the themes directory of your blog, located in “wp-content/themes” where WordPress is installed.
    3. Click on Appearance – Themes menu from the WP admin panel, then select the theme to activate.
    4. Click on View Site at the top of the page. Bam. Hot site!

    Modularity is installed. f8 uploaded. Broken Theme reported with missing template as the only descriptive comment. WP 2.9.2.

    Any help is appreciated; it’s a beautiful theme!

  7. Hi Thad,

    I’m having the same problem as above. Everything is uploaded properly, and still the error. I also don’t see a provision in the instructions about the “Template is missing” error in either the f8 or modularity instructions as Chris stated.

    Also… on this page of your site: http://graphpaperpress.com/members/member.php in the left yellow column, it states that f8 does NOT require Modularity:

    “Prior to Modularity 2.0, some themes (F8, F8 Remixed, High Def) were created as non-child themes and didn’t require Modularity. We have made those versions available for free download, however, we currently don’t provide support for them.”

    If that’s not the case it might be good to take that off of that page, especially since it’s highlighted in yellow. Quite confusing and contradictory to other pages and what you’re saying in here.

    Thanks in advance for any help! As others have said, it’s a quite a beautiful theme!

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