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f8 static is a free theme for WordPress that can transform your Web site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio Web site. SEO optimized, iPhone compatible, grid-based css, built-in Galleria support, built-in multimedia support, auto or manual thumbnail control, Gravatars, plus much, much more. The credit link is required to stay in tact.

f8, which is a technical term referring the lens aperture setting on a camera, is theme long in the making. A little over five years ago, I began the arduous task of trying to find a way to present my photos to the world online. I primarily wanted two things: A portfolio section and a blog section built into one CMS. What I didn’t know at the time, is that it would take me five years to figure out. After researching literally hundreds of options including Flash powered portfolios (a big no-no in today’s mobile world), to countless bulky CMS’s that just didn’t cut it, I decided on using WordPress. It was well worth the wait.

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  1. Asmaa Avatar

    i would like to download this theme for my blog…can you help me i cant download this

  2. Thad Avatar

    To download this theme, you need to sign up for a free or paid account.

  3. webmatze Avatar

    so nice theme ..thank you very much

  4. McCoy Avatar

    very nice theme i like it.

  5. Jun-Pierre Shiozawa Avatar
    Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

    I can’t download the theme for some reason. I get redirected to a page with this: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/5251/domains/graphpaperpress.com/html/wp-config.php:81) in /home/5251/domains/graphpaperpress.com/html/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php on line 140

    1. Thad Avatar

      Yikes. Extra blanks spaces in a few core WordPress files caused a brief blip in service. Sorry!

  6. Debbie Grossman Avatar
    Debbie Grossman

    What a nicely-designed template. Thank you for supplying it free of charge.

    I’m wondering: is it possible to modify the template to make the images on the main page the standard 3:2 aspect ratio of a DSLR? I’d love this theme even more if it didn’t crop my pictures.

  7. Ricardo Sousa Avatar
    Ricardo Sousa

    Hi. Do I need to have f8 installed for f8 static to work?

  8. 1234成人 Avatar


  9. James Avatar

    Cool theme I like it too!!!

  10. ovidiu Avatar

    do you really need to have a landscape photo on your post to look nice on the front page slideshow. What can I do to make it work for any size of photos in order to have it right in the slideshow?

    anyway, grate work with this theme

  11. Parfum Avatar

    Wow, great looking theme.

    I ony think that header picture is too high. It actually makes to to scrool on resolutions x800. Anything under the scroll border is less noticable and therefore less visitable.

  12. Matt Gannon Avatar
    Matt Gannon

    Can’t download… it just keeps redirecting me to the sign up for a membership even though I already made an account. Any suggestions?

  13. Brigit Bee Avatar
    Brigit Bee

    I downloaded both f8 static and f8 lite. Unfortunately I couldn’t get what I wanted with f8 lite so I’ve customised f8 static, and have ended up with the perfect theme I love it. http;//hotmiddlescence.com

  14. Xell Avatar

    Hello. My Name Xell. i already download f8 static. But i still can’t use it perfectly.. Can someone teach me?

  15. adriana Avatar

    I tried to install f8-static but WP says it is incomplete: Stylesheet is missing.

  16. A-Doughty Avatar

    I could not get the downlaod to work either.

    Will this theme work in WordPress 2.8?

    Also, if the credit link is intact, do you mind if we customize this theme?


    1. Thad Avatar

      Try a different program for unzipping the package. Yes. F8-Lite works with 2.8. Feel free to customize the theme as you wish.

  17. mobil66 Avatar

    Thanks for share.

  18. Gary Bowden Avatar

    Thanks for this, very helpful. Nice site by the way, keep it up, hope to hear more from you soon.

  19. Camille Avatar

    Thanks for the great theme!

    F8 Static is working well for me. A couple of questions, though: 1) Is Static compatible with WordPress 2.8?; and 2) I would like to add a custom icon in the address bar – where would I need to add this code?


  20. wow accounts Avatar

    Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it have so many good things to learn. Thank you for your sharing!

  21. blambert Avatar

    I cannot install this FS static, I am getting this error

    Warning: file(/home/user1/public_html/wp-content/themes/f8-static/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/user/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/user/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

  22. Informacije Avatar

    Very nice theme! Simple, clear, useful design

  23. brendon Avatar

    The navigation bar has “portfolio”. How do I populate it? How do I navigate to the contents of that tab? Having same problem with Deadwood, in addition to F8.


  24. Sam Avatar

    I am having the same problem as Brambert!


    1. Nicolas Avatar

      I found that if when I set my permalinks settings to default instead of custom. The problem was solved.

  25. Emile Avatar


    Great theme!

    Do you have some tips on modifying the masthead?

  26. Luke Avatar

    Great theme and thank you.

    How do I get the front page to stop rotating pictures on the homepage.
    I have already tried the “Static” settings in the “Settings area of WordPress, but it doesn’t work the way I want it to.

    I would simply like to have the layout of either:

    1. F8 Lite: with no slideshow changing (I don’t want a post masthead, I just want a general masthead pic there all the time no matter what post I add)


    2. F8 Static: with a general pic as a masthead (not a post pic) and with no text blurb to the right.

    So for both issues that I have, I just want a general masthead there that will never change no matter how many posts I add.

    Thank you in advance to whoever helps me.

    I’m excited and waiting…

  27. Eric Avatar

    Theme looks good. Stopped working on travel.goutdelavie.com. Can’t load images anymore. Too bad. I reinstalled a dozen times!

  28. Joel Dittrich Avatar

    Hi, I can´t get any thumnails at http://hakanlidbo.com under Projects/Releases. The thumbs are created in the adequate folder…

  29. Brecht Avatar

    http://fotos.encantado.net/ why can’t I get the images to work?
    Not with uploading an image in the post, neither with the custom field

  30. IdeasMX Avatar

    I can’t show the first photo in the principal page (index.php)
    What’s the problem?


  31. IdeasMX Avatar

    After trying, i realized that i have to put a custom field with the name “image” and the url of the image that i want to show in the post at the top (the image large) and a custom field with the name “thumbnail” and the url of the image for the posts below the principal post.

  32. Sergio Avatar

    Hello, I’m using the theme Modularity and F8 Static chiro change.
    Not know much about HTML or CSS code and my question is…
    There are some tutorials on how to change colors, logo, etc… ??


  33. Patrik Avatar

    Hi! Ivé downloaded this theme…and installed it Ok (several times). Problem is when activated I get an error page when visiting the blog and need to start from scratch and re-install my whole blog…and clear my php-database! This has happened 2 times already and I´ve lost a lot of time over this. Now…what am I doing wrong?

    I am thinking of bying a theme from you…but I want to try static first. F8-lite works ok, but not static.


  34. Colin Avatar

    hi there – downloaded this and love it, a really interesting and refreshing design. Only problem is that the thumbnail images appear stretched, have I done something wrnog here?

    1. Jarrett Stevens Avatar
      Jarrett Stevens

      I’m having the same problem with Stretched Thumbnails from my post (on front page beneath slideshow)
      Any help here would be great.
      Waiting to launch the page once this is resolved.

  35. sodes2010 Avatar

    why can’t I get the images to work?http://www.yaziyeri.com

  36. Samantha Avatar

    I’m using f8 static and I love it. However, I’m wondering if…

    1) There is a way to limit the amount of thumbnail posts that appear on the main page, and

    2) Is there a way to have no text appear below those same thumbnails.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks!

  37. Stacfi Avatar

    for some reason i cant seem to get any images in the slideshow/carousel
    anybody know how this works?

  38. Owen Avatar

    Hi, for some reason the slideshow ends up stacking on top of itself using IE 8 on vista sp2. Looking forward to a fix!

  39. programlama Avatar

    Hello, I’m using the theme Modularity and F8 Static chiro change.
    Not know much about HTML or CSS code and my question is…
    There are some tutorials on how to change colors, logo, etc… ??


  40. sys Avatar

    I’ve downloaded this theme and love the look and feel of it.

    I have a question though.

    Is there a way to limit lines that appear on blog posts at Home?
    I only want 2 lines to be appeared on each post at the front page.

    Please help me!

  41. Sandblasting sand Avatar

    very nice theme.
    Will dowload it adn test it on my own site to see how it works.
    But from quick peek at it it sure looks impresive.

  42. narco77 Avatar

    Why is it impossible to download any theme ? that’s not very professional..

  43. Oze Avatar

    Why can’t I find f8-static on the word press control panel?

  44. Oze Avatar

    Why can’t I find f8-static on the wp control panel, so I to activate?

  45. andrew Avatar

    when I activate the theme I get a blank page with this error:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_theme_support() in /home/content/a/p/o/apogue/html/basilandbrew/wp-content/themes/f8-static/images.php on line 29”

    On both the admin and the public site

    1. andrew Avatar

      I upgraded to the latest wordpress version and it solved the issue

  46. Yannick Avatar

    Hi, thanks for this theme. Exactely what I was looking for. Goes quite well with the design of my prestashop design.

    I use it with WPML. Does your theme allow this kind of translation? Can’t get the translation of the home page.

    Anybody had the same problem and found a solution?


  47. Depotui Avatar


    I’ve installed F8 static theme. Very Nice.
    How can I have the customisation option Page on the DashBoard?
    Do i need upgrade my account?


  48. andre Avatar

    “credit link . . . intact”

    what does that mean?

  49. Serenity Avatar

    Hey, I tried installing F8-static on my hostgator/wordpress account and it says its a broken theme and that the css, images, and js style sheets are missing. What’s up with that?

  50. Elias Avatar


    When I downloaded f8 – static, I do not have the “theme options” so i can customize, how do i go about getting this? is it a plugin?

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