Full Frame on WordPress.com

We’re completely honored to announce that Full Frame is now available on WordPress.com. Full Frame has quickly become one of our most popular themes to date and we’re excited to offer it up to the millions of users on WordPress.com. You can also download the self-hosted WordPress.org flavor of Full Frame right here at Graph Paper Press (more on the difference below).

Our good buddy and former co-worker Philip Author Moore blogged about Full Frame and another sweet theme called Ryu by the talented Takashi Irie.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

While some of our themes are available on the WordPress.com platform, you cannot download themes from our site and add them to your WordPress.com site.  Why? WordPress.com and the software you download from WordPress.org are two entirely different things (although they do share a vast number of similarities). You can’t install new themes or plugins on WordPress.com.  For more info, please see this post or watch this video.

Download the WordPress.org flavor of Full Frame

Download the WordPress.com flavor of Full Frame

Photography Themes on WordPress.com

Full Frame is the second premium theme that we’ve released on WordPress.com. Gridspace, which was our first premium WordPress.com theme, quickly became a top 10 premium theme available on the platform (some of our free themes are also available there too). Each day, more and more photographers, designers and other visual creatives are discovering the power of the hosted flavor of WordPress and that makes us happy.

What do you want us to build next?

8 responses to “Full Frame on WordPress.com”

  1. re Avatar

    You need to build something next that shows portfolio images in a completely different way! something that looks different than any other website, and allows you to choose collections of your images that arent pulled from posts! thats my GPP wish!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      How about an upside down theme? 🙂

      We’re trying everything we can think of.

  2. yepi Avatar

    This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  3. Scott Avatar

    I searched for Chilok Lake (looks beautiful) perhaps you meant Chilko Lake?
    love the theme, very unique.

  4. baskerville Avatar

    thank you

  5. Zaman Khan Avatar
    Zaman Khan

    pleasant creative works.Know more about everything,visit the site


  6. Min Wye Avatar

    Hi, I have two questions:-
    1) How do I make Disqus appear nicely for posts?
    2) Can I set a maximum width for post/page content?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Pradeep Avatar

    Can somebody post the link of sites or blog using full frame theme, Just want to look it

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