Fullscreen 2.5 Released

Fullscreen 2.5 is now ready for download.


  • Integration with OptionTree
  • Ability to upload logo
  • Ability to set homepage images to static images on Theme Options
  • HTML & CSS Validation
  • Added TGM Plugin Activation PHP class
  • Added Option Tree theme options
  • Added theme text domain
  • Updated comments.php

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed faulty video-post.php

3 responses to “Fullscreen 2.5 Released”

  1. how to convert m4a to mp3 Avatar

    Nice, I love the fact that you keep on working on upgrades, this is really great!

  2. anno Avatar

    When setting homepage images to static, the link url stops to work and defaults to the image url. As a result the function is not of any use

  3. stefanhellbergDOTcom Avatar


    I want to limit the number of blog post per page to 5. When I add Blog pages show at most posts

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