Get 30% off WordPress Themes on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year; for starters, the beginning of December marks our five-year anniversary! (Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us… )

Since our launch, more than 190,000 photographers, artists, bloggers and other creatives have downloaded and use our minimalist WordPress themes. As a thank you to all of our totally awesome and inspiring users, we have two killer deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and you can start saving today!

Grab the codes below to join the party:

Black Friday 30% off Coupon Code:


Use this discount on the following Graph Paper Press products:

Valid Wednesday, 11/21/12 – Saturday 11/24/12.

Cyber Monday 30% off Coupon Code:


Use this discount on the following Graph Paper Press products:

Valid Sunday, 11/25/12 –  Tuesday, 11/27/12.

46 responses to “Get 30% off WordPress Themes on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!”

  1. Steven Donaldson Avatar
    Steven Donaldson

    After days of deliberation and concerns over whether GPP was too expensive for my needs, I handed over a wad of my hard earned in the wee small hours of the 21st Nov. Merely hours later I am presented with this offer.

    Anyone have a sharp knife handy?!

    … Sobs …

    Still great themes though.


    1. RF Avatar

      Just last week the Annual Plan was $99. When I received this ‘30% Off’ offer in the email, I too thought I’d take the plunge, only to see that the price of the Annual Plan has increased to $125. Are the two connected? If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and acts like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.

      30% off the currently plan is $87.50, a savings of only $11.50 from last week’s price. Something smells.

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        We can refund you 30% since you purchased earlier today before the sale was announced.

        We increased the cost of our annual plan earlier this week, which was the same price for 4 years. The annual plan included 7 themes in 2008. Today, it includes 37 themes and 15 plugins. As we ago, our product lineup grows, and our prices will increase accordingly.

        Single themes and the Forever plan cost the same though.

        1. Steven Donaldson Avatar
          Steven Donaldson


          To coin a classic Amercanism (at least it is over here!) “you guys are freakin’ awesome”; said with my best Noo Yoik accent …

          Anyone? … Bueller? …

          So, thank you for great customer service. You’ve made a tight Scot even tighter!

          Be well.

        2. Bogdan Radu Avatar

          Good timing on the price hike… I was looking forward for a sale on an annual subscription… $11.50 in savings is rather disappointing.

  2. mark shirley Avatar
    mark shirley

    Confusing promo were are the actual themes?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The deal is 30% off all themes and theme subscriptions. Themes are here:

      1. Leslie Avatar

        Can you tell us what the code is that is working through today?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Looks like our coupon code system incorrectly ended our deal early. We’ve reactivated the codes to work through Tuesday. Use the same codes and it should work now.

  3. Michael Schwarz Avatar

    Is there an easy way to extend an annual subscription to a forever plan. I’m not seeing that it is possible.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, you simply contact us here (select Billing & Sales):
      Then we will cancel/pro-rated refund your Annual and then you can sign up for the Forever.

      1. Michael Schwarz Avatar

        I did that and got no response. Nor did I get a response from an email sent Friday.

        1. Rebecca @ GPP Avatar
          Rebecca @ GPP

          Sorry about that Michael. Can you email me directly at rebecca (at) ? We may be having issues with our contact form.

        2. Michael Schwarz Avatar

          I did per your request and got no response.

  4. Andreas Rudolph Avatar
    Andreas Rudolph

    For some time now used some of the free templates (and consume your newsletter). I like the work you guys are delivering. Thanks for the opportunity to join a bit cheaper using the cybermonday-program….

  5. Harriet Roberts Avatar

    Trying to buy forever theme but the cybermonday2012 code keeps coming up as invalid when I enter it…. help!

    1. skip Avatar

      me, too! i want the forever plan but can’t get past the invalid code? also, is this deal good *thru* tuesday, or up until midnight monday?

    2. martin Avatar

      Yup, cybermonday2012 code not working for annual sub either.

    3. marlowe Avatar

      yeah, same for ‘annual theme’ subscription. what’s going on?????

      1. marlowe Avatar

        ps. it’s 22:50pm MST….is your cybermonday deadline set to EST? if so maybe you should extend that for those of us out west. i had one of your themes (fullscreen) and loved it. want to use more and this offer will help me commit!

        1. james Avatar

          Yeah, trying to register for a year, and the code is invalid, even though it is only 10pm. How irritating.

    4. Rebecca Avatar

      Shoot us an email [email protected]

  6. Bogdan Radu Avatar

    Codes are not working for annual subscription. Tried to get one throughout the day. Neither of the codes is accepted. Please help.

  7. Wouter van Rooyen Avatar

    Also trying annual subscription, but cybermonday code is invalid, please help us!

  8. Jason Avatar

    I have tried the Cyber Monday coupon a few times and it is still not working.

  9. raffaella isidori Avatar

    can’t buy forever plan, can you help?

  10. Bogdan Radu Avatar

    It’s the last day of your promotion and the codes are still not working….

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Looks like a bug with how coupons codes and dates work…we’ve extended the deal through Tuesday.

  11. beckett5955 Avatar

    Same as below trying to get the code for cybermonday posted it it good thru today so i can get the year subscription. Is it not working or another code?

  12. Ehsan Avatar

    I tryed to buy annual plan theme but the cybermonday2012 code keeps coming up as invalid when I enter it….what should I do.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Please see my post above 🙂

      1. Ehsan Avatar

        Thanks for reply, I tried again but its the same and it says “Invalid”

  13. Graph Paper Press Avatar

    Hey all,

    We had a bug in our coupon code system that caused Annual and Forever Plans to not accept the coupon codes after 6 pm yesterday. So, we’ve reactivated the coupons to work through today (Tuesday). So, you all have about 12 more hours to take advantage of the 30% off.


  14. Dmitriy Avatar

    I tryed to buy annual plan and I got an Error: You can only use the discount code once.

  15. marlowealias Avatar

    Hello Graph Paper Press….any word on last night’s failure of the discount code?


    1. Rebecca @ GPP Avatar
      Rebecca @ GPP

      Shoot us an email here – [email protected]

  16. Gretchen Avatar

    Hello, I too am on the west coast, attempting to buy an annual plan with the code cybermonday2012, which apparently is set to expire at the end of today. It returns an “invalid” response. Is there any hope for me? Thanks!

  17. Meli Avatar

    Just tried to buy the lifetime option (following massive promo link on HP) and saying code invalid?!

  18. C Hazard Avatar
    C Hazard

    The CyberMonday code is still not working. I was looking at buying a theme at the 30% discount, but….
    Seems like I am not the only one with this issue.

    Is there going to be anything doen to correct this?

  19. jordan Avatar

    the deal is not working??? and its not midnight yet???

    1. Rebecca @ GPP Avatar
      Rebecca @ GPP

      Shoot us an email [email protected]

  20. Avatar

    I have been trying to buy two themes since yesterday…no luck…help?

    1. Rebecca @ GPP Avatar
      Rebecca @ GPP

      Shoot me an email – [email protected] thx

  21. Stephen Heraldo Avatar

    I tried using the code and gave up. I didn’t see that the sale was extended. Any chance I can still get in on the 30% off?

    1. Rebecca @ GPP Avatar
      Rebecca @ GPP

      Shoot me an email – [email protected]

  22. Avatar

    did anyone get a rain check for the cyber monday deals?

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