Get Inspired by These 3 Graphic Designer Websites

It’s our favorite time of the month and that means it’s time to shine the spotlight back on our users!

In case you’re just catching up, we’ve looked at wedding photographersillustrators,  and editorial photographers using our themes. This month, we’re getting inspired by how graphic designers and artists use fonts, patterns and line to make an impact.

Illustrator, Cartoonist, and Writer Salgood Sam is up first, whose site oozes graphical brilliance. We had so much fun flipping through his illustration and comics portfolio. Salgood is using the Fullscreen theme, which is a one-column photography and multimedia theme for WordPress that can be used for portfolios, photoblogs, videoblogs, and virtually anything else where you want your content to be front and center. It provides visual artists a unique way of presenting their latest work online using a minimalist side-scrolling homepage.

Second, we’re showing off the colorful stylings of  Tokyo-based Akiko Hayashi, a Graphic Designer and Intercultural Communicator. Akiko is using the Work-a-holic Pro WordPress theme,  which lets you separate your portfolio from your blog, without editing a single line of code. The theme comes with preset three color palettes, variable sidebar content, jQuery-powered image-hover effects, plus much more.

We love how Akiko seems to excel at any style to give the client exactly what he or she asks for. Her work easily travels from corporate to delicate.

We’ve saved my personal favorite for last, the portfolio of French Graphic Designer Gwladys Darlot. We love her identity work, with it’s crisp use of patterns and fonts. Not to mention, her About page tagline, “When we work together, reality looks better” is awesome.

Gwladys is using our Focal Point WordPress theme, which includes four alternative stylesheets so you can get the exact look and feel you want, plus tons of  widgetized areas for inserting slideshows, menus, welcome messages, and more. Basically, it’s easy to customize this theme to make it as beautiful as the French.

Do these designers give you ideas for your website and get your creative juices flowing? If your site needs a fresh, sophisticated new look, check out all of our WordPress themes. As you can see above, we offer so many different looks and styles, you’re sure to find one that matches exactly what you want. Plus, every single one of our themes lets you easily customize different options so you can fine-tune the theme so that it reflects you, and you alone.

Once you’re set up,  make sure you submit your site to our showcase, so we can feature you and your work in an upcoming post!

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    Thanks for the post, the sites are cool, but pretty sure Gwlady’s website is built using Modularity/Workaholic Pro, not Focal Point. 

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