Giveaway: Win Pro Accounts from PhotoShelter and Graph Paper Press

Is this guy a winner?Over the past year, hundreds of photographers have connected PhotoShelter‘s robust photo sales, licensing and marketing tools with WordPress using our integration tools.  Part marketing, part journal, the WordPress ingredient helps photographers increase their online website profile, improves search engine rankings and makes it easier for clients, friends and followers to connect with photographers and their work online.

And now, thanks to our new fully-managed, simple and secure Pro Web Hosting Platform, integrating PhotoShelter with WordPress has never been easier.  In about two minutes, you can be up and running with a private, secure, fully-managed WordPress installation complete with FTP access, 10 email accounts, all of our themes, the best plugins and killer support. Yowza!

Enter the Going Pro Giveaway

PhotoShelter and yours truly are giving one lucky photographer matching (awe, isn’t that sweet) PhotoShelter Pro and Graph Paper Press Pro accounts for one year.  Get all the tools you need to launch and manage a stunning website for your photography from Graph Paper Press Pro, combined with 100GB of online backup, robust e-commerce, secure image delivery, and business and marketing tools from PhotoShelter.

How to enter:

On Facebook: Post a comment below the Going Pro giveaway thread linking to your current site, and let us know why you should get the Pro accounts!

On Twitter: Retweet “I want to Go Pro with @photoshelter and @graphpaperpress” and you’ll be entered!

We’ll select one lucky entry on Friday October 1, at 5pm (EDT)!

Read more about the giveaway at the PhotoShelter blog.

22 responses to “Giveaway: Win Pro Accounts from PhotoShelter and Graph Paper Press”

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sweet Scott, best of luck!

  1. Yamile Yemoonyah Avatar

    I’d love to enter the contest but I don’t really know where to post my comment on Facebook as there seems to be no Graph Paper Press fan page?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hey Yamile! Yeah, we’re a little behind the times. We started a Facebook fan page a couple months ago. Here it is:

      You can tweet to enter, too! Good luck!

  2. phunkey Avatar

    I re tweeted! @phunkeyphotos

    I’m sorry, I clicked the link above for the fb page but it went to my fb homepage, I searched for Graph Paper Press, but no luck. I really really really really want to win!!

  3. Johnny A Wichmann Avatar

    I want to Go Pro with @photoshelter and @graphpaperpress bc of the extra FTP users option

  4.  Avatar

    I really need the Pro account because it has the option of more incomming FTP accounts

  5. Johnny A. Wichmann Avatar

    I really want to Go Pro with @photoshelter and @graphpaperpress because it has the option of more incomming FTP accounts

  6. Yemoonyah Avatar

    Here is the retweet: but I still can’t find your FB page. Anyway I’d really like to win because I want to set up a new photo site.

  7. seo conference Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I have changed the way I think because of it.

  8. Graph Paper Press Avatar

    Congrats to Dave Keyes for winning the Pro Giveaway! His new site is nearly complete. We’ll feature it here on our blog comparing his site before and after. Dave is moving from a 100% Flash-powered site into a mobile-friendly WordPress + PhotoShelter powered site. No doubt it will help grow his business.

  9. clippingimages Avatar


  10. Michael Norris Avatar
    Michael Norris

    Wish I would have got in on this. I would have loved a pro account with both GPP and Photoshelter.

  11. Michael Norris Avatar
    Michael Norris

    Wish I would have got in on this. I would have loved a pro account with both GPP and Photoshelter.

  12. Beatrice Avatar

    http://[email protected]
    because my website looks sad and I am not happy with Pictage

  13. Swoppers Avatar

    Nice one.

  14. jack baldwin jr Avatar
    jack baldwin jr

    Hey, my name is jack and i am a hunter and i think this would be a great camera to video my own hunts also the wild i hope i can be a lucky winner i will send you videos

  15. Auto Build It Avatar

    Aw! I missed it! I had my account ready to re tweet and everything until I noticed the year! I feel kind of silly now.

    Next time…

    1. viral monopoly review Avatar

      Ha ha! Just a little late. Only a year!

  16. Seiko perpetual calendar Avatar

    I guess they never announced the winner?

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