Holiday Deal 2013

newsletter-header-finalWe’re offering big savings on all products starting today, Wed. 27 through Monday, Dec. 2, 2013.

Use code: CYBER2013

This deal has expired

The Forever Plan (Biggest Savings, Best Value)

Can’t decide on the right theme? Why not get them all! Our Forever Plan is a convenient way to obtain access to all of our current themes as well as any themes that we make in the future.

Was $299
Now $194.35
($104.65 savings)

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Annual Theme Club Plan

Access all 46 themes in our current lineup as well as any additional themes we create during your 1 year subscription. This is a recurring plan. You can cancel anytime and keep the themes forever.

Was $125/year
Now $81.25/year
($43.75 savings)

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Business Bundle

Want to add a digital store to your WordPress site? The Business Bundle includes all of the extensions for our Sell Media plugin, which allows you to sell images, videos and pdf’s (or anything else that you upload to WordPress).

Was $99
Now $64.35
($34.65 savings)

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Single Themes

You can also purchase a single theme, which comes with 1 year of updates and support.

Was $79
Now $51.35
($27.65 savings)

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2 responses to “Holiday Deal 2013”

  1. Muamer Niksic Avatar
    Muamer Niksic

    I am not happy at all that I missed this discount 🙁

  2. hawas2540 Avatar

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