Immense 1.1 Released

Immense 1.1 is now ready for download.


  • View Post, View Gallery link added
  • Blog archive page styled to tubular

Bug Fix:

  • Sidebar padding issue (when content is hidden) fixed

To update from an earlier version of Immense to version 1.1, please make a backup of your existing Immense and Base themes and upload Immense 1.1 and Base 1.2.1 into your wp-content/themes/ folder via FTP. Active, paid subscribers can download Immense 1.1 from their member dashboard. If you have automatic theme updates enabled on your Immense theme options, you can update in one click from your WordPress Dashboard.

4 responses to “Immense 1.1 Released”

  1. Robert Avatar

    I’m very desapointed by “Immense”, I desinstalled it because I had to many problems, let me tell you some of them:
    1) the button info do not appear or do not work
    2) when I try to get views of my older items in my “categories” nothing happens..

    3) I try to install a new font from Google,,,nothing works.
    4) and
    finally your video is not very helpful, you guys should make an extra
    effort to give more precise details and informations about some

    I went to the forum and it was not of any help for me…
     So, as I said, I’m very desapointed because I renewed my subscription hoping to have a new look for my blog, what should I do?
    I was very satisfied with Widescreen I hope I did not spend 49,00$ again for nothing

    Sorry for my english…

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sorry you had trouble with it.  This theme has been tested many, many times.  Hundreds of people are using Immense successfully. I’m guessing you missed some of the instructions.  Regardless, we’re happy to refund your purchase by contacting us here:


      Be sure to select Billing and fill out the fields with the required information.

    2. hei Avatar

      Hello, Immense is not bad and pretty customizable:

      As well I had some problems but look what I have done with the immense


  2. hei Avatar

    Hello I have problems with the play pause button.

    It is working correct in the gallery:

    but not in the posts:

    Do you know whats wrong

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