Introducing More Themes for PhotoShelter Integration

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We’re stoked to announce that for the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to extend our partnership with PhotoShelter, and six of our newer Graph Paper Press WordPress themes now integrate with PhotoShelter.

For the uninitiated, PhotoShelter provides photo sales, portfolio and licensing tools for serious photographers. When you partner that with the robust blog, portfolio and publishing tools of Graph Paper Press WordPress themes, you get a cohesive design, advanced customization options, and a streamlined workflow all under one roof.

Integrated sites allow you to seamlessly match the look and feel of your PhotoShelter site and your Graph Paper Press blog, and also give you increased options for your portfolio.

If that sounds like it could make your life easier, click on over to our PhotoShelter Integration page  for more details now and view the full list of available themes.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing More Themes for PhotoShelter Integration”

  1. great news about more themes, may get round to upgrading the website theme to sidewinder. Once I can resolve the mixed content problems I get with checkout system on photoshelter.

  2. thad,

    what are the six? I thought I saw the six on Photoshelter. Could you post the link or names of the six new only?

    thank you,


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