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Introducing the Stock Photography theme for WordPress

For years there’s been only one way to sell stock photography: Do business with a large, corporate stock photography company. Photographers had no choice but to be at the mercy of a company’s shifting rules and regulations.

We knew there had to be a better way. So, we set out to build an alternative to the traditional “top-down” stock photography business. We made changes that will have radical results. Brace yourself.


Run It Like A Boss

Finally you call the shots. Our new WordPress theme, Stock Photography, turns your web site into a stock photography business. Manage your portfolio, blog and stock photography business all from one site. This streamlined approach will save you tons of time; spend it vacationing on an exotic island like the boss that you are.

Say My Name

For years you’ve been an anonymous cog helping stock photo corporations get bigger and bigger. That ends today. Now, you own the business and the brand. Design it and name it what you want. Build yourself some much-deserved recognition. People will be buying your images and shouting your name from the rooftops in no time.

Be Internet Famous

When you run an online business, Google decides who’s famous and who isn’t. Stick with corporate photography companies and your name and images might end up on page six or page ten. Use our Stock Photography theme, and have the semantic power of WordPress behind you. Our goal is to get you to page one.

Represent Your Niche

These days web sites for every interest imaginable exist; yet stock photography sites have lagged far behind. Today they catch up. With our new WordPress theme, you can create a site for a specific type of stock photography. For example, you might consider building a location-specific stock photography website, such as “Washington D.C. stock photography.” Or perhaps you prefer a topic-specific site and decide to target the niche for “surfing stock photography”. You’re images won’t be lumped together with thousands of unrelated images like on other stock sites, and your web site will rise higher in search engine rankings for your target market.

Get Paid

Stop doing business with other companies that control image pricing and charge you 20-70% commission on every stock photo you sell. Set your own prices with the Stock Photography theme, and keep 100% of the sales. More money, it’s not really a problem after all.


Stock Photography theme Corporate Stock Companies
You keep 100% sales
No monthly service fees
Integrated with your portfolio & blog
You’re the boss
Target niche markets
Ability to customize all aspects of the design

Advanced Features

We put a ton of research and development time into the Stock Photography theme and packed the theme full of killer features, including:

And since the Stock Photography theme integrates with the Sell Media plugin, you can take advantage of any of the extensions for Sell Media to enhance the functionality of your site. Sweet, eh?

Video Overview

The Revolution Waits For No One

Don’t let someone else beat you to building your dream company. Here’s a little push: Use this coupon code to receive 20% off the Stock Photography theme – PHOTOBIZWHIZ

The offer is valid until midnight on May 24, 2013.