Is It Time To Retouch Your Site?

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Today we’re happy to release Retouch into the wild. Retouch is a free, responsive, one-column WordPress photo theme. It includes a colorful polaroid-inspired design, sleek gallery interface, widgets, paper tab drop down menus and custom background/header options.

Retouch WordPress theme

Main Features

  • Responsive DesignRetouch adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.
  • Galleries – Swipe or click through galleries. View an example gallery post for the full effect.
  • Post FormatsRetouch supports the Image, Gallery and Standard post formats.
  • Custom Background – Change the background from wood to a custom background of your choice.
  • Custom Header – Add a custom header image to bring some personality to your site.
  • HTML5 – Why? Because it’s 2012 folks!

Possible Usages

Retouch could be used for a mobile-friendly photoblog or a photo portfolio. Customizing Retouch is super simple: Add a custom background image, a header image and tweak the default CSS styles to create a truly unique theme design.

How To Download

To download Retouch, just sign up for an account. If you need access to our support forum or video tutorials, you’ll need to have a paid account.

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15 thoughts on “Is It Time To Retouch Your Site?”

  1. Checked out the demo – very cool… few bugs i noticed:

    1) The left/right arrow buttons do not appear on the video post, on either iPad (2) or iPhone (4S)

    2) Menu navigation (drop down in top right) doesn’t appear to work on iPhone (4S)

    1. Thanks for checking it out! #1 might be a bug. We’ll look into and fix if it is. #2 works fine on my iPhone 4S. The tabs turn responsive and combine into one drop-down/click-down navigational item.

      1. re: the iPhone menu – Yeah, i’m seeing it turn responsive and i get the drop down panel (after clicking on ‘menu’)

        but when i click on a category (eg. ‘People’), all i get is a weird ‘flash’ in the safari URL address box (it’s the first few pixels of the blue ‘page loading’ progress bar appearing then disappearing).

        Then nothing…

        The address doesn’t change and the appropriate page doesn’t load.

        Tried clearing cache and rebooting phone, that hasn’t fixed it… if it’s my phone i can’t imagine why!

  2. please ,teach How to make like a demo site.
    1.the most right menu “archives”
     gallery page with featured images,tag drop down,category drop down…
     I try “”, it is error.

    2.”info”,”exif” tab of “Going to the beach”top photo “info”,”exif”

    1. 1. Please read the theme instructions for creating the archive page. You need to create a new page called archive and assign it to the archive page template. 2. Exif data will be extracted automatically if the images you upload have it stored in the file. If yours isn’t showing, then your images likely don’t have it.

  3. New to WP. Purchased this theme. Can’t figure out how to get the main image to look like yours with top alignment and it looks like maybe 5px boarder. I can get the boarder but it won’t let me fill the space with the image even though it is 940×626 like yours.

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