How To Sell Limited Edition Prints

Selling limited edition prints, photos and artwork is now possible from within your own independent WordPress website.

Our Reprints extension for our free Sell Media plugin now allows you to set limits on available editions that can be purchased. Check it out below:

Adding Limited Editions

To add a new limited edition print, you will need a WordPress website, with both our free Sell Media and Reprints plugins installed. After activating the plugins, visit the Sell Media -> Settings page to set a default Limited Edition Quantity. This default setting will pre-populate the Quantity Limit field when adding new photos, prints and artwork. To enable limited editions, simply check the “Limited Editions” checkbox.


Limited Editions Display

The number of limited editions will be displayed below the title on both the product page and the product dialog box.


Why Limited Edition Prints Is Good For Business

Scarcity is an undeniable motivator when it comes to making a purchase. Think of how often you see messages like “only 12 left in stock” and “24 hours remaining.” These messages are intended to trigger the response of buying. Scarcity is the driving force behind eBay, Groupon and many other consumer hotspots.

If you’re a photographer or artist, you can sprinkle scarcity into our Sell Media plugin by offering a “limited edition” print, or even a signed one-off if you’re feeling bold.

Start Selling Limited Editions Today

To start selling limited editions on your own independent website, you’ll need our free Sell Media plugin and the Reprints extension, which is available in our Professional Plan.

2 responses to “How To Sell Limited Edition Prints”

  1. Peter Pauer Avatar
    Peter Pauer

    I am on a lifetime/forever plan yet when I try to go to one of these new plugins reprints/manual/download it send me to a sign-up page.
    Just wondering, am I overlooking or misunderstanding something?

    1. Thad Allender Avatar

      Hi Peter,

      All theme and plugin downloads are available for members on the Dashboard.

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