Meet Seneca: Our First E-Commerce Enabled Theme

Last Monday, we talked about how 2012 is the year of the artist-entrepreneur, and today we are thrilled to launch our newest theme, Seneca, which will specifically help support artist-entrepreneurs build their business.

Seneca is our first e-commerce enabled theme that will allow you to sell tangible and digital goods from inside WordPress. Seneca integrates with WooCommerce so you can build your business on your existing site.  The Seneca  theme will allow you to blend commerce and editorial in a way that engages and excites visitors to your site so that you can start (or continue) bringing in money.

The Seneca theme gives you the flexibility and familiarity of using WordPress to power your entire blog and e-commerce site, dramatically lowering the cost of entry associated with running an e-commerce site.

You’re also going to love Seneca’s widgetized homepage. What that means is you can quickly change the layout of your homepage using drag-and-drop widgets – so, so easy! Not to mention, you’ll be able to customize Seneca’s styles to your heart’s content in order to build the strongest brand possible for your creative business.

Of course, if you just love the look of Seneca, and don’t need or want to sell products, you can still use the theme. It works regardless of whether or not you have the WooCommerce plugin installed.

Check out the demo here, and tell us below, are you as pumped as we are about our first e-commerce enabled theme?

Seneca Features & Benefits

  • E-Commerce Enabled. With optional commerce integration, you can sell tangible and digital goods from inside WordPress using Seneca with the WooCommerce plugin installed. If you won’t want e-commerce integration, simply run an editorial/blog site using Seneca.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for reorganizing slideshows, Blog posts, featured products using Widgets on your homepage.
  • Easy-to-use theme options for customization (no need to know code).
  • Easy-to-switch out fonts, customize the background, the header, the colors, add custom CSS, and more.
  • Post Formats – Seneca supports the Image, Gallery and Standard post formats, as well as Team and Video custom post types to help you feature your clients and sponsors.
  • HTML5 (that’s the latest and greatest under the hood).

How To Download

If you already have a paid Graph Paper Press account, simply log in and click Download.

Otherwise, go ahead and sign up for an account. Not only do we not bite, but we also build WordPress themes exclusively for creatives including photographers, designers, musicians, artists, foodies, illustrators, and more. You get new theme launches monthly, awesome Support and the opportunity to showcase your talent, draw in clients and build your creative business in just a few clicks.

22 responses to “Meet Seneca: Our First E-Commerce Enabled Theme”

  1. Philip Avatar

    sounds great.
    can you tell us, what the main difference will be between this e-commerce-enabled theme and the upcoming e-commerce plugin?

    1. Mikey Leung Avatar

      Yes, agreed! It seems if you’re supporting WooCommerce out of the box, perhaps that’s where artist-entrepreneurs should be heading? 

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        Could be, depending on the requirements.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      This theme integrates with WooCommerce, a free plugin for WordPress by the team at WooThemes. Our media e-commerce plugin integrates with WordPress’ Add Media tool to turn anything you upload into WordPress into a product that you sell. The main difference between our plugin is that WooCommerce wants you create “products”. Our plugin turns attachments (images, video, pdfs) into products automatically.

      1. Mikey Leung Avatar

        That’s cool.. will you be rolling it into a separate plugin eventually? 

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Yes, our plugin (currently under development) will not be tied to WooCommerce.

  2. CBCOZA Avatar

    Your Demo’s don’t work.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Argh! Working on it right now.

  3. Reto Avatar

    is a beta-version of the e-commerce plug-in available?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We are working on the Transaction/Paypal integration part and hope to have that wrapped up by the end of this week (April 6). When we have that completed, we’ll be very close to releasing a beta.

      1. Erik M. Avatar
        Erik M.

        what happened to the plugin? (I have to open my e-commerce part very soon and will have to decide within a couple of weeks, which platform I choose – and obviously I would prefer the one, which might integrate best with my wordpress theme…)

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          It’s taking longer than expected to build. That said, it’s gonna be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Graph Paper Press Avatar

    Hey all,

    A status update on the plugin development: We are working on the Transaction/Paypal integration part and hope to have that wrapped up by the end of this week (April 6). When we have that completed, we’ll be very close to releasing a beta.



  5. Michael Avatar

    Clean design. Timely release. 

    e-commerce related question: When a user is viewing products and selects a different “color” can the photo change to match the selection?  So, if the user was trying to decide, like on your demo, between B&W, color and sepia-toned prints, could the print in the window change to give them a preview? 

    If your theme can do that, I’m a buyer.

    1. Michael Avatar

      Also, can it show multiple pictures? I’d like to be able to show multiple angles of the same product, different attributes, multiple components, etc. 

  6. Thomas Avatar

    I just love you themes hüpfburg

  7. PrincesLeah Avatar

    Are all your themes supporting Sell Media?

  8. StephenWithAPh Avatar

    I just signed up for the membership and am having difficulty following the instructions for this theme.

    I’m unable to import the sample xml file, and the menus look different in WordPress than the instruction page.

    Help? Thank you!

    (WooCommerce 2.0.14 installed & activated)
    (WordPress 3.6.1 installed)

    1. StephenWithAPh Avatar

      Found documentation inside the XML file and installed WordPress plugin. The import worked after that. Thanks! 🙂

  9. devnyc Avatar

    i have a full memebership , why do I still see graphpaper on the bottom of my page?

  10. devnyc Avatar

    paypa issues with this theme thru woo commerce, anybody having same issues?

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