Monochrome Pro

Monochrome is a magazine-style theme for WordPress packaged with an AJAX post slideshow, a custom theme admin page to easily manage and customize Monochrome, author archives, two page templates, multi-tier drop down menus, utilizes custom fields options and a CSS framework to aid in customization. Now that’s a mouth-full.

With Monochrome, you get:

  • AJAX-enabled post slideshow on the homepage
  • Multiple entry points to your posts on the homepage
  • Auto or manual thumbnail control
  • Two widgetized sidebars, one for homepage content, one for single page views
  • A widgetized bottombar which includes three widgetized areas
  • A custom administration panel
  • Authors archives
  • Two page templates: One with sidebars and another without
  • S.E.O. optimized
  • Valid HTML and CSS


  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Upload the entire “Monochrome″ folder to your “/wp-content/themes/” folder
  3. Log in into your WordPress control panel
  4. Click the Presentation tab
  5. Select the “Monochrome” screenshot


  1. GETTING STARTED: Monochrome creates a new administration page in the Presentation tab of your WordPress admin panel to easily manage an update the categories that you want to display on the homepage. View the theme options page. Type in the category id’s and you’re ready to go!
  2. PHOTOS & CUSTOM FIELDS: This theme uses custom fields to manage all photos and thumbnail photos. In your WordPress settings, you can change the dimensions on both thumbnail and medium sized photos. Change the thumbnail width to 128 px wide by 128px tall. Change the medium photo size to 575 px wide. Save the settings. WordPress will resize every photo uploaded to the dimensions described above. After uploading the photo into WordPress using the media uploader, Monochrome Pro automatically generates your thumbnail and slideshow images for your homepage (version 1.1 only). Don’t like the thumbnail WordPress generated for you? Override it, by copying the link to this thumbnail photo and pasting it into the custom field value, with a key called “thumbnail.” Similarly, you can copy the link to the medium photo (575 pixels wide maximum) and paste it into the custom field value, with a key called “photo.” Here is a screenshot of all properly filled out fields.
  3. YOUR AUTHORS PAGE: Monochrome comes packaged with an author archive (authors.php), which will display some author specific info pulled from the Users page in your WordPress installation. In order for the author’s image to show up, you’ll need to place a jpg of the author titled by the author’s last name in the wp-content/themes/monochrome_lite/images/authors/ folder. For instance, mine is Allender.jpg, sized at 75px X 75px. Here is an example author page.
  4. STYLES.CSS: Unlike most WordPress themes which plug all the css in one file called styles.css, Monochrome utilizes the Blueprint CSS framework to help separate positioning, typography, forms and what I’ll refer to as custom or Monochrome specific styles. To edit all custom Monochrome specific styles, you’ll need to edit the file style.css in your wp/wp-content/themes/monochrome/ directory.


This theme utilizes a CSS framework called Blueprint. Who is credited for the ideas behind Blueprint? Some of the best designers on the web. They include Jeff Croft, designer for Blue Flavor, Khoi Vinh, design director for, Nathan Borror, Christian Metts, Eric Meyer, Wilson Minor, Angus Turnbull, Olav Bjorkoy and a few others. Most major websites use some form of css framework to allow for rapid, consistent development and design. Take the Blueprint 101 course to learn about all the possibilities.

99 responses to “Monochrome Pro”

  1. Darcy Gue Avatar
    Darcy Gue

    Hi — I purchased your $99 offering on January 28, and downloaded the themes you then had available. However, I was not notified when your newest theme came out of February 6 — I thought we purchasers were going to get an email from you with download instructions? Please get back to me on this. Btw — I might have originally provided the email address of darcy In any case, I didn’t hear from you.

    Thanks for a quick response!

  2. admin Avatar

    Hi Darcy

    I sent out the theme update last week. I’m not sure why you didn’t receive the update, but I’m looking into it. You might check your junk mail on the email address you used to purchase the themes. Regardless, I’m sending you the themes via email shortly. Sorry for the delay.

  3. victor flavius Avatar
    victor flavius

    When will the free download for Pro be available?

  4. VietNam-Blogger Avatar

    I have no money

    help me

  5. Peter From Avatar

    I bought this theme and it´s great (of course). One thing bothers me though. The Ajax-thing does not work for the featured articles.

    Here´s the website:

  6. Mark Jones Avatar


    Going to make the $99.00 purchase today …

    Want a blog to post my photos, etc … more for my personal use than anything and a vehicle to share with friends and family …

    Question …

    I am running Lightroom and recently purchased SlideShowPro for Lightroom … would like to “embed” this onto the mainpage and perhaps others …. let’s start with the main page … how would I go about this?

    Any (a,b,c) type of documentation available?

    I have “zero to none” knowledge in the programming department … so any “dead simple” guides you may have would be greatly appreciated …


    Mark Jones

  7. Helmut Avatar

    your Monochrome theme is perfect, i just don’t get it why you guys ask the link to stay when some chap is ready to pay 75 (not 25!) dollars for design…

  8. admin Avatar

    You can always style the credits to your liking by changing the color, size, etc. If you don’t want the credits at all, than you will need to purchase the developer edition.

  9. augusto Avatar

    I recently purchased your Monochrome theme. I love it but i can’t seem to find how to change the 5 category listing in the middle of the page so that the most current is not listed in a all of those category slots. Help.

  10. admin Avatar


    You will need to use the offset parameter in the places on home.php to your preference.

    You can displace or pass over one or more initial posts which would normally be collected by your query through the use of the offset parameter.

    The following will display the 5 posts which follow the most recent (1):


    The following will display the 7 posts, offset by 3:


  11. James Avatar

    Monochrome theme is excellent, more attractive and beautiful that visitors always want. I really like it. Thanks for great post.

  12. Pablo Avatar

    I agree with Mark Jone’s post. It’s a great template, but documentation is lacking. I do not know the first thing about code and this seems to be aimed at people like me. If more detailed instructions were included it would be a much better product. Some posts I create appear fine. Others only have the small thumbnail in the recent photos slideshow, others only have a blank space, still others display a photo too large to fit. Uploading a photo does not seem to create a 575 pix photo and a 128 pix thumbnail like it is supposed to. Not that I can tell anyway. Also, the galleria function does not seem to be functioning either.

    I know that all this would work if I was doing this right, but I have no idea how to find out what I am doing wrong or what steps I have missed.

  13. Thad Avatar

    @Pablo – It appears that you aren’t using WordPress’ Add Media button to upload your photos into WordPress. Some posts you are using it (the ones that display correctly on your homepage) and others you aren’t. I would highly recommend reviewing the basics of using WordPress’ gallery feature:

    Let me know if that gets you rolling.

  14. Pablo Avatar


    I have been using the add media button, just like that cool demo video you linked to. Sometimes I get the [gallery] to appear in the post, sometime not. Either way, the gallery does not show up, it’s just a blank post with the previous and next buttons at the bottom. On the home page, a full-sized photo from the gallery appears and takes up the whole screen until a photo from the next post appears. I still haven’t figured out why on some posts the thumbnail is displayed where a 575 pix wide photo should be either.


  15. jgo Avatar

    Hi, I emailed Friday but havent heard back. I’ve missed an update of the theme and need the updated files. Please get back to me as soon as you can, my deadline looms!

    thank you!

  16. associate Avatar

    Great Theme, clean and straight to the point.

  17. Andrea Avatar

    I agree – very cool design! Peter From of – I took a look at your site, and kudos, it looks great.

  18. Ücretsiz Program İndir Avatar

    This themes is perfect. I want it 😀

  19. Mark L. Pederson Avatar

    I love the template. Having a couple minor problems –

    1) How can I have the archives at the bottom of the frame – in black like on your demo site. Mine displays like differently and seems to be altering the format – see link here –

    2) On the HOME page – if the pic size was larger – it displays in full size – (see my example)

    3) how can I change color of part of my BLOG TITLE as in your demo (I just want to do Black & Red like yours – mine is all black now)

    Any answers from anyone must appreciated!!

    1. Terry Avatar

      How did you end up changing the Blog Title colors? Do you know if you can change the text and replace with an image header?

  20. lovetheme Avatar

    How can I have this theme. 75usd seem to be too much with me. To be find another theme is better.

  21. documentaryfilmmaker Avatar

    As always…another beauty

  22. dineo Avatar


    I´m a bit lost here 🙂 Where in the Main Index Template do i define which category is to shown i the bottom five categories?

  23. Offhollywood Avatar

    I sent you an email – need a tiny bit of help – thanks in advance!

  24. bogdan Avatar

    hi ,

    just purchased the monochrome pro 1.2 theme.
    looks great in your demo but my site is scrambled – many errors.
    i am using wordpress 2.3 – i presume i have to upgrade to latest version to make monochrome theme workable?

    i am waiting for your confirmation prior to make the upgrade – i just love old wordpress interface and not going to do the upgrade unless i have no other choice.


  25. Steve (Sims Web Designs) Avatar

    I have seen a lot of themes for WordPress, but this is right up there as one of my favourite designs.

  26. Thad Avatar


    I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of WordPress unless you don’t mind having your site being hacked. I’ve seen WP users hold onto an old version of WP because, like you, there is something that they just can’t let go of. Soon thereafter, their site gets hacked because of security holes and they loose their entire site.

  27. hypequest Avatar

    Hi Thas,

    I bought the monochrome pro theme, are you planning to release a wp 2.7 compatible theme ?


  28. hairi Avatar

    This theme is not compatible even with WP 2.6, are you planning to release the latest version?

  29. IMM Avatar

    I am keen to discuss this with our web designers

  30. comcorp Avatar

    I’ve bought this theme and it doesn’t work.

    Is it compatible with WordPress 2.7?

  31. Piet Avatar

    Before I purchase this theme, I also would like to know whether it is compatible with the latest WP (= 2.7.1)

  32. allegro Avatar

    Please let me know if Monochrome Pro is compatible with WP 2.7.1 too. I would like to purchase it if it is.

  33. kevin79 Avatar

    thanks I like wp

  34. Waterman pens Avatar

    Woww, Thank you brother . Very good theme .

  35. Terry Avatar

    How do you change the Blog Title colors? Do you know if you can change the text and replace with an image header?

    I downloaded the Author version to play around with it but can’t see a way to change to a graphic header. I want to purchase the Pro version but want to make sure I can change a few things first.

  36. Carlos Avatar

    It seems a great theme.

  37. J.R Jasper Avatar
    J.R Jasper

    I see many questions up on the board but am unsure as if they were actually answered. Does Graphic Paper Press respond directly to comments via email?

    I am interested in purchasing this template but need to figure out if it is compatible with the latest WordPress software and if the blog title colors can be changed or replaced with an image header.

    Any help on this would be great. Thanks!

    1. Thad Avatar

      Either Chandra and I answer all questions on the forum. Yes, our themes are 2.7 compatible. You can change colors and we provide instructions on adding header images.

      1. J.R Jasper Avatar
        J.R Jasper

        Thanks Thad!

  38. Dominic Romney Avatar
    Dominic Romney

    whats happing here and how do i sort it?

  39. Arturs Mednis Avatar
    Arturs Mednis

    i cant find where the download link for Monochrome Pro is?! 🙁

  40. Richard Holm Avatar
    Richard Holm

    Is there any way to control what posts go into the homepage slide show?
    I will have a site with some features images, but don’t want to have every photo from every post show in the home page rotation.
    If I buy Pro version can slide show be limited to a certain category(s)?
    Other than that, it looks great…

  41. Ash Avatar

    Definitely among my favourites .

  42. Jordan Avatar

    Monochrome Pro is here. If you’ve downloaded it, it may have installed as simply “monochrome” which threw me for a loop..

  43. Jordan Avatar

    Hmm.. I should also like to note that the medium image width that worked for me was actually 565 not 575 as suggested here. The wider image doesn’t center properly in the slideshow window.

    Also, portrait oriented photos overflow and cover over the small sections below. I haven’t dug in to this yet, but I suspect that a float needs clearing.


  44. public relations branding Avatar

    This is so exciting with the new upgrade!

  45. Kelli Hogg Avatar

    Downloaded and installed…everything seemed to be okay until I started entering posts with images. I only have one thumbnail (have 4 posts). And the the slide show is not working at all. Can someone take a look and let me know what is going on?


  46. Rodney Avatar

    Ciao how is possible to increase the number of article in homepage slide show.
    I have 24 elements but only 4 go in rotation..
    Thanx From Italy

  47. sujan Avatar

    Is there free version available? What is limitation at free version. How can i get free version? I think this is very mice WP theme.

  48. Cheryl Avatar

    Hi. Try this, it worked for me just now. In wordpress go to “Appearance” then “Theme Options”. If there are any numbers delete them. When you first activate this theme you will see a ‘1’ in the ‘Top Left Category’. Delete it and press save. Voila! That should work. Umm, thing is, I noticed that the ‘1’ comes back afterwards but it seems to make it work…

    I found that if you put any numbers in (like under configuration for installation) it will make the page look like a hot mess.

    I hope this helps. 🙂 <–still under construction! I messed my image size 🙁

  49. Pay Rent Online Avatar

    Seems like a great theme, but did that guy’s issue ever get taken care of? The one from comment 1? I don’t want to buy it just to find out that will happen with my site as well.

  50. Grace Avatar

    My sister just got this theme and loves it. And I will be uploading it on my new blog!

    Thanks a bunch!

  51. web design pontefract Avatar

    great theme, I am going to add this to my new blog I am working on at the minute. Thanks again.

  52. armco barrier Avatar

    very nice theme. We are thinking about adding a blog to our site, thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Russell Avatar

    I agree the theme is great. I am also putting in a blog as well. Thanks.

  54. lolo73 Avatar

    I can get my Categories to Link.

  55. Contempo Avatar

    Wow this theme is hella lot better than my current INOVE theme, great job

  56. lolo73 Avatar

    Ok I go it to half work what are the advantages of to buying this theme is there a missing file. Some sort of extra control panel I am not aware of…etc

  57. Marvin Avatar

    is there anyway to change the amount of the Post that are rotated? or even set it to 1 so just 1 Post is shown?

    Greetings Marvin

  58. Marvin Avatar

    So guys.. i did some changes to the Theme. So you can change the amount of post that are rotated.
    Locate the file home.php
    And go to Row 20. It should look like this.

    change the whole row with this:
    This is for 2 Posts in Rotation
    2){break;} ?>
    This is for 3 Posts in Rotation
    3){break;} ?>
    and so on.

    So while you are in the File home.php you can also locate row 23.Looks like this.

    This is the Posted image within the Frame. Just add a to center it.

    I thougt that it looks better.

    1. Marvin Avatar

      Okay it seems my php code was removed.

      1. Marvin Avatar

        Just write me under skype:MorviumS
        if you want to know how to make these changes!

  59. San Diego Web Design Avatar

    Very nice theme. Admiring the time and effort you put into it and the detailed information you offer! Thanks!

  60. EGsoft Avatar

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  62. Ronnie Avatar


    I’m having a bit of an issue with the photos like one other guy had last year (2008 posts). I uploaded all my pics through the add media and put them at ‘center’ and ‘medium size’ but not all pics show up at the bottom of the home page under ‘Travel’. It just shows blank and links to “more in travel”. How can I fix this?

    Does it show only recent posts? I’d like one pic from each category to show up on the home page but I don’t know how to get it to do that.

    My site is

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  63. sikis Avatar

    is there anyway to change the amount of the Post that are rotated? or even set it to 1 so just 1 Post is shown?

  64. Web services design Avatar

    Thanks for the nice post. I appriciate your good effort..
    Keep posting more..

  65. Increase Targeted Web Traffic Avatar


    I really like the monochrome wordpress theme, but I have been having alot of problems with it, I’m no php genius and seem to find it needs alot of work.

    I have used many themes in my time as a blogger, with the likes of thesis, flexx professional, bosco, and I am still looking for that perfect theme.

    I have also looked into theme creation as a way of boosting linkage back to your website. How do you feel about this matter?

    Speak soon


  66. flash components Avatar

    is there anyway to change rotated post amount? i want to enlarge it.

  67. Nameless Avatar

    I like everything, but when I download things nothing is working at all!!!
    In Monochrome the catergories aren’t working, in Monochrome Gallery it doesn’t allow you to upload pictures and there is a blank space next to the slideshow, and both of these don’t have a sidebar at all!!! *The Monochrome theme’s black bottom of the page sidebar doesn’t work at all…

    HELP!!! I’m new to WP and I’m not liking anything at the moment.

  68. john Avatar

    good stuff, following with interest, helping me firm up my travel plans.

  69. kelebek chat Avatar

    thanks ten number text

  70. MyElecare Avatar

    How to set the slideshow image size to 575?
    I did either custom and default, but the size still auto generate to 300×250 px. Why?
    How to set to 575 wide? Thanks

  71. MyElecare Avatar
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  73. Andy - SEO-Consultant Avatar

    Good posting, I have read similar on other sites but this post is more relevant. How can I generate a pingback to this?

  74. Andy - SEO-Consultant Avatar

    Ajax is a wonderful innovation does anyone know if there is a good plug-in for wordpress so that I can run ajax on my blog?

  75. Oyunlar Avatar

    Thankx mate. but i can not set the slideshow image size to 350

  76. crazy Avatar
  77. Andi Avatar

    I’m using your monochrome pro theme on my site, however I’m having problems with the permalinks. If I set the permalinks to show the post name the theme losses the widgets and posts (the slideshow stays). How do I fix this?

  78. James Taylor Avatar

    Hi, I’m using Monochrome Pro but have a couple of questions.

    1) I changed the pixel size to 575 on my settings but the pics still appear too small on the home page’s main AJAX slideshow — why?

    2) Can I decrease the amount of text used in the article “excerpt” on the home page and sidebars?

    3) I’m having problems getting my categories to appear — I adjust this in Theme Options, right? The bottom row of five are all the most recent post.

    4) Is there any way of customizing the header to include an image/logo? If not, where do I change the color? I thought I’d found it but it ain’t workin’…

    Sorry to be a pain. Thanks in advance!

  79. Andi Avatar

    Hi James,

    I just left details on how to sort some of your problems but for some reason it didn’t get posted head over to my site and send me your email and I’ll help you out.

    Also anyone have any ideas how I can fix my permalinks!!!!

  80. Andi Avatar


    More info. I get this error when changing my permalinks:
    object of class wp_error could not be converted to string

  81. promosyon Avatar

    Thank you.

  82. Nicolas Avatar


    I’m trying to get the images to display. I have definitely added them correctly and with the right width etc. but the thumbs and the main picture 575px wide don’t display.

    Any idea why?

  83. Thomas Avatar

    WordPress is highly scallable and is surelly lapping other CMS systems… this theme encompasses and utilizes modern web technologies.. nice

  84. wie yoga Avatar

    Nice theme …!
    Thank you.

  85. Desen Avatar

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  87. köpek Avatar

    I just left details on how to sort some of your problems but for some reason it didn’t get posted thanks

  88. Graphic Geek Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. I had a hard time using Monochrome Pro for the first time, but eventually moved forward after a few days.

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