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Need a photo theme for WordPress? Say hello to Focal Point.

Focal point photo theme for WordPress

Focal point photo theme for WordPress

Focal Point is a one or two-column photo portfolio theme for WordPress built atop our Base theme framework.  The design and functionality was conceived from feedback from our users.  When you speak, we listen.  Then we build!


Focal Point includes four optional styles to choose from (Centered, Centered Dark, Compact, Compact Dark) so you can easily change between light and dark, centered or top right menu navigation.  The homepage includes a special app, called Category Post Slider, which is perfect for displaying posts from your photoblog, blog or iPhone gallery beneath the main homepage area.  The screenshot and the demo site both use our free GPP Welcome Message and GPP Slideshow plugins in the Home widgetized area.

Main Features

  • Automatic theme updates – When a new version is released, you can update automatically from your WordPress Dashboard with one click.  You must have a valid license key (available on your Member Dashboard for paid subscribers) and use Base 1.1 or higher. Booya!
  • Category Post Slider App – Display posts in a horizontally scrolling list.  Perfect for displaying a photoblog or iPhone gallery.
  • Four Alternative Stylesheets – Choose from Centered, Centered Dark, Compact, Compact Dark styles so you can easily change between light and dark colors, centered or top right menu navigation.
  • Widgetized Areas – Up to 18 widgetized areas when paired with our GPP Base Hook Widgets plugin.  By default, Focal Point has six optional widgetized areas (Home, Sidebar and four Footer Widget areas)
  • Custom Fonts – Want to change your font, no problem!
  • Custom CSS – Easily add custom CSS to your theme options panel. This future-proofs your customizations.
  • Shortcodes – These allow you to easily add column layouts, boxes and buttons to your posts and pages without modifying CSS, HTML or PHP.
  • Drop Down Menu – Nestle links inside parent or child menu links for a clean, intuitive design.
  • Blog Page Template – Display all blog posts on a separate page.  This helps maintain clear separation between your portfolio and blog posts.
  • Supports GPP Plugins – Download and install any one of the GPP Plugins and use them in any of Focal Point’s widgetized areas.

Focal Point Contest

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing new themes deployed quickly to live websites.  To help encourage this, we’re holding a tiny contest for Focal Point.  Here is how it works:

The first three users who submit their Focal Point-powered theme to our Theme Showcase will win a free annual theme subscription.  Jump on it!

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2011 (12 p.m., EDT)

16 responses to “Need a photo theme for WordPress? Say hello to Focal Point.”

  1. Snakylove Avatar

    what about video support?

  2. Snakylove Avatar

    I have to ask more precisely: which video formats and players are supported with this theme? From what I see right now GPP only supports FLV??? What about videojs and webm / theora??? I need to support all modern devices, right now I am stuck with GPP themes, no support for all modern video formats???

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      All Base child themes support FLV and Mobile video formats (mp4, m4v). Please see the Video and Mobile Video sections of the theme instructions for specifics:
      We aren’t supporting HTML 5 video formats (webm, theora) yet, because HTML 5 isn’t as widely adopted as we’d like. That said, there are new and emerging video player services that make it incredibly easy for delivering HTML 5, if that’s your thing:


      There are even new services that make encoding and delivering to a CDN, like Amazon S3, really easy:


      Hope that helps.

  3. GTA Web Design Avatar

    This is simply awesome! Is there a way to remove the ‘Hello’ from above the picture?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes. The Hello message is merely a text widget that you can enable or
      disable by installing the GPP Welcome Message plugin.

  4. Snakylove Avatar

    Hello? Of course it is quite inetersting to experience how you react to answers – concernihg the video support not a little thing, nowadays, you could at least post a link to some information about this issue. Currently I do not feel good about getting your customer if you are not even answering such a basic pre-sales-question…

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sorry for missing this. We receive notifications of comments via email so we don’t have to check individual posts for new comments. I’ll respond below to your questions now that I see them.

  5. yasza Avatar

    Just wonder why the preview theme (demo) of Focal Point themes look different?

  6. Ladnany Kamal Avatar
    Ladnany Kamal


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  8.  Avatar

    Thank you a lot for this information.I just wanted to add that there are so many amazing ideas here, on paper press. Thank you!

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  9. convert avi to mp4 Avatar

    I think all features seem very useful, especially automatic updates and that thing with blog templates, but I can also relate to the question about video support, as I would like to know whether it is possible and make the best of it.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, you can use Video in Focal Point on Posts, Pages and Widgets.

  10. Francesco Mortara Avatar
    Francesco Mortara

    How can i use  Category Post Slider App?
    In template/widget i not see anythink about… 

  11. Shane Kelley Avatar

    How do I remove the four footer widgets – I’m using Focal Point, child theme of BASE for my website http://ShaneKelleyPhotography.com/ – and how do I create thumbnails along the bottom or side of the photos on various pages. I’ve started to make pages (instead of categories) for the different types of photography I do – I’ve made subpages but they are showing up alongside the titles of the other parent pages on my header bar – thank you for any help…Shane

  12. susangaile Avatar

    Hi! We are using Focal Point with a GPP Slideshow – is there a way to keep the height of the photos consistent as the slideshow scrolls by? we have both horizontal and vertical photos and the vertical ones end up being too big for the screen, and it pushes everything below it up and down as it goes. http://www.hinkeldesigngroup.com/wp Thanks!

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