Nepal Earthquake

UPDATE: I spoke with Chandra on Tuesday of this week and he, his wife and daughter are okay. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chandra!

On Saturday morning I awoke to the terrible news that a magnitude 7.8 earthquake had struck Nepal. The news is both shocking and deeply personal for us here at Graph Paper Press: Chandra Maharzan, one of our long-time WordPress theme designers, lives in Kathmandu with his wife, Rabina, and their little girl. He’s the brainchild behind some of our most popular themes, including GridSpace, Lookbook and Snaps. Chandra also donates his time as the organizer of WordCamp Nepal.

While I have been unable to reach Chandra directly, I heard from his cousin that Chandra, his wife and daughter are safe. Some of their family members, however, were injured and their homes damaged in the earthquake, according to his cousin.

Chandra is one of the kindest, most dedicated and intelligent people I’ve ever met. He’s a loving father, innovative designer and a proud Nepali. He’s been offered the opportunity to leave Nepal for business opportunities abroad, but has always declined because of his love of family and country.

Please keep Chandra, his family, and the rest of Nepal in your thoughts and prayers and please consider donating to the Red Cross’ Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.


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  1. Jayesh Bole Avatar
    Jayesh Bole

    I am deeply moved by his devotion to his country, family, fellow men and more by his kind acts. We pray for all affected. Chandra keep it up.

  2. Jayesh Bole Avatar
    Jayesh Bole

    And yup, thanks Thad for this post.

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