New Membership System Information

UPDATE: Re-enrollment has now closed. Previous theme buyers must use the coupon code emailed out to receive an enrollment discount.

By now, most of you have had a chance to log into our new “members only” section. For those who have not, here is your chance. The new membership system improves how we interact with Graph Paper Press theme users, forum support, downloads, theme updates, etc. Users can now grab all our themes and member-only content (support, tutorials, etc) access by signing up. Both free and paid memberships are available.

Why the new membership system, you ask? It is simple. WordPress has grown tremendously recently, so fast in fact, that it is easy to spend hours and hours Googling for answers to basic WordPress questions. Many questions posted on the official WordPress forums often go unanswered largely because there is a finite group of developers responding to an exponentially increasing user base. We offer an alternative to that system by keeping our user base small and focused around a familiar theme framework. Oh yeah….plus we make some neat themes and child themes that can manage your portfolio or magazine Web site.

UPDATE: Re-enrollment has now closed. Previous theme buyers must use the coupon code emailed out to receive an enrollment discount.

30 responses to “New Membership System Information”

  1. Alex Avatar

    I am having trouble using your payment system – could you please contact me?

    1. Chandra Avatar

      Hi Alex,

      What exactly are you having trouble with? Can you please post your query using the contact form?


  2. Chandra Avatar

    To all who submitted the request above:

    We received a lot of requests and we are going through each of them manually which means it will take quite sometime before you receive your login information.

    Thank you all for your patience.


    1. Thad Avatar

      Everyone who submitted a request thus far has been added.

      We like to work fast!

  3. Chris Schweiger Avatar
    Chris Schweiger

    I just signed up for the free life-time membership and installed one of your free themes, however I am not able to access the support area. Where would I find support documentation and how can I access the support forum? I received a confirmation email with the user name and password, however access is still denied.

    Any ideas?

    1. Cayetana Nicanor Avatar
      Cayetana Nicanor

      Hi Cris,

      the exact same thing seems to be happening to me. Did you have any feedback from graphpaperpress??

  4. Luciano Santa Brígida Avatar
    Luciano Santa Brígida

    Just loved the new membership system. Did you achieved it through a WP-Plugin? Do you plan to add more features to it, like member photos or gravatars?

    1. Thad Avatar

      Great! We are still tweaking it, too. Gravatars already work. Just make sure you have an account at The forum will soon become viewable to all, but only members can post questions.

      1. JR Avatar

        So what WP-Plugin did you use … or is your membership site even powered by WP?

    2. Jued Martinez Avatar
      Jued Martinez

      I’m new here.
      It isn’t a WP plugin, sorry to tell you that.
      All I can tell you is it’s a third party system.
      You’ll have to wait for someone official here to say exactly what it is.

      I’m still waiting for the Afilliate Images to be uploaded so i can promote these themes.

  5. daniel molano Avatar

    I might just have to buy a new theme just for the forum membership..I cant ever get any questions answered over at wordpress and good luck finding specific answers by google it! ha

  6. Cayetana Nicanor Avatar
    Cayetana Nicanor

    Please help!

    I signed up for the free life-time membership but since the new mebership system has been installed I can’t access the support area. When trying to upgrade to the new membership area the system tells me there is another user with my same username and password- obviously! It’s me! 🙂

    Please, any ideas on how to solve it? I seem to have tried every option.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Kyle Avatar

    I need to download the new versions of the themes I bought at the end of 2008. How do I go about doing this? I tried registering for your new membership system but nothing happened…


  8. Macrosoft Cloning Avatar
    Macrosoft Cloning

    I bought the theme package in December and was a registered user, posted in the forum, etc. Now my login doesn’t work anymore, can’t access the forum… If you’re not giving support to previous theme buyers you should have stated it prior to us having invested in your themes.

    Please reactivate my account so that I can have access to forum support again. Or give me my money back. If I wanted unsuported themes I would pick one of the hundreds free themes around, not a $99 package.


    1. Thad Avatar

      We’ve blogged and emailed customers numerous times about this. You can request to be added to the new membership system by emailing us directly with your transaction ID.

  9. tierrastudios Avatar

    I’m having this same problem. Tried contacting you through the contact form above. No response. Please help!

    1. Thad Avatar

      Just for the record…..we got in touch with these folks within 24 hours and hooked them up.

  10. Jen Avatar

    I bought my $99 collection of themes back in Sept. 08- much less than a year ago.

    Does this mean that I have to purchase something else in order to access the forums?

  11. Jen Avatar


    The answer to that is No. They quickly sent me login info for the forums… Thats some FAST SERVICE!


  12. graphikill Avatar

    chad, it wont let me log in at all.. any help is apreciated, i want to ge tthe full screen theme, please.. i can log into the admin area, but not to get the themes, i did buy the full theme pack about 6 months ago.. but i never got an email withmy voucher.. can you help me out please

  13. graphikill Avatar

    waiting a week now and still no reply..

    look like i am n ot getting any back up fo rthe money i gave..

    maybe a threat of releasing these themes into the public domain will prompt some support for my money…

    1. Chandra Avatar

      We definitely don’t like THREATS!

  14. graphikill Avatar

    still no reply?

  15. Chandra Avatar

    The enrollment is already closed if you haven’t read it properly. So, if you didn’t grab the opportunity to upgrade for another year earlier, we are very sorry. It was open for last 4 months.

    There is still a coupon system but Thad has been out for last few weeks so he may not have been able to take a look at your application.

    Fullscreen will ultimately be free so you can wait for sometime.

  16. Heidi Schmidt Avatar
    Heidi Schmidt

    Chad & Chandra, Same prob for me as other folks. I bought the $99 subscription in Feb 09 and now can’t login the Support area. I did not get and email with a number. I am getting ready to switch to Workaholic & and upgrade Modularity but will not until I can get into Support. Please help.

    1. Thad Avatar

      Please send me your info and I’ll update you.

  17. Heidi Schmidt Avatar

    Just found the email with the code. Code no longer works I understand. I disregarded the email with the code because I bought the 1 yr membership less than 6 months ago. Why do I need to renew when I still have 6 months to go? Please give me the full access that I purchased.

    1. Thad Avatar


      You did not purchase a 1 year membership. You purchased the 2008 theme package, which included all of the themes we made in 2008. Our current offer is totally different from the one you purchased. Each customer starts a quarterly or year subscription from their time of purchase. You appear to be getting the two confused.

      That said, we posted twice about this, sent out coupon code, and extended the sign up period three months. Still, I will add you to the membership system, because I’m nice. Just email me a request.

  18. darren Avatar

    yep same here, didnt think it was relevant as i had just bought the £99 per year package.. now i feel duped out of my money, surley chad can look back at the peopel who have paid there money and can give us the acces we need, or at least sent a new code to us.

    1. Thad Avatar

      Please see above. I’m starting to feel like a broken record here. You guys are requesting two years of themes and support for the price of one. We gave everyone nearly six months to sign up for the offer. That time has now closed. Without a deadline, requests could go on for years, which is why re-enrollment has now closed.