New Themes for the New Year

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Graph Paper Press just released a new magazine theme called Berlin to the WordPress community. It builds off of a few of my previous theme designs and includes a couple additional features, the coolest of which is a dynamic, ajax-enriched main feature section. Take a peek!

Next week, I plan to release two additional themes, one paid, one free. They are looking very nice, I must say, and I’m excited to see them start populating the blogosphere.

Here is what is next up on my increasingly long list of “to do” items here at Graph Paper Press:

  1. A tutorial section where you can learn how to customize your theme, add advertising, customize header and logo images.
  2. A forum where users can share ideas.
  3. Create a mailing list. The mailing will go out once a month with new theme releases. I plan to keep it simple.
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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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