On Assignment

On Assignment is a WordPress child theme for the Modularity multimedia theme framework. It is primed for photographers, videographers and journalists who need to feature their portfolio and connect with followers and potential clients with status updates and news/blog posts. You must have Modularity installed for this theme to work.

Main features

  • Close to 100 theme options
  • Optional homepage slideshow
  • Optional full-screen homepage video
  • Homepage sliding thumbnails
  • HD video player
  • Four widgetized areas for custom content
  • Color picker tool for easy site customization
  • Easy logo insertion
  • Tracking code and RSS Feedburner integration
  • Drop-down navigation
  • Crazy good S.E.O.
  • Ability to choose which categories and pages appear in navigation from theme options
  • Automatic post thumbnails

And that is only a start. We guarantee that if you present a snappy portfolio and fresh, regularly updated content, you are sure to attract readers and attract new clients. With On Assignment, this is all ridiculously easy.

Example sites

We released On Assignment about one month ago to Graph Paper Press paying members. Here are a few example sites using On Assignment:

If you would like to be added to this list, please submit your site.

Case study

Jack Gruber is a staff photojournalist at USA TODAY, the largest newspaper in the U.S. With his new site, which is powered by WordPress and the On Assignment theme, Jack is able to display his portfolio, provide status updates while covering the war in Afghanistan and provide visitors with overviews and links to his recently published projects.

13 responses to “On Assignment”

  1. kent Avatar

    this is a great theme! been working with it for a couple of weeks tweaking it to my taste. aloha! great work!

  2. hypequest Avatar

    great theme, as always

  3. Justin Trapp Avatar

    I uploaded the zip file with no changes made & WP says the theme is incomplete. http://tinyurl.com/yjy5feb (screenshot link) please advise

    1. Thad Avatar

      You need to have Modularity installed for On Assignment to function properly. On Assignment is a child theme for Modularity.

      1. Will Sudlow Avatar
        Will Sudlow

        I have an older version of Modularity and I’m trying to run On Assignment child theme but I keep getting:

        Warning: file(/home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/on-assignment/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

        Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

        Cant figure out what’s wrong.

  4. aalonso Avatar

    how can i install this theme???

    i’ve download modularity-lite and on assignment, but how to make them work properly??? i got same error as @Justin Trapp

  5. Marco Pereira Avatar
    Marco Pereira

    Hi guys

    I’m still having exactly the same problem.

    What happened was:

    1 – I first installed On Assignment first without Modularity.
    2- I then realized this was wrong and deleted both.
    3- I then installed 1st Modularity and then On Assignment (using Fetch FTP)
    and activated only On Assignment.

    4- The truth is the “broken theme messages” are still there and I have no idea of how to fix it.

    Please reply as soon as possible as I need to complete my website urgently

    Thanks a lot

    Marco C. Pereira

    1. Thad Avatar

      If you get the “broken theme” message, this is because you don’t have Modularity installed. This theme is a child theme for Modularity.

  6. Severus Avatar

    Hi there,

    I want to install this theme… IN SPANISH LANGUAGE.

    Is there any es_ES.mo file around or should I enter in the code to change all possible messages into spanish language?


    1. Thad Avatar

      We will be adding localized (translation ready) versions of this and other themes next week.

  7. Tom Avatar

    Thanks for the theme. I’m going to load it up and see what shkes out.

  8. Tom Avatar

    Thanks for the theme. I’m going to load it up and see what shakes out.

  9. Mike Avatar

    I am using this theme, and i have seen some of the example links. In my theme all my pages appear under the “pages” drop down on the nav bar. In some of the example sites they have their pages displayed accross the nav bar and not just all crammed in one menu. Any ideas how to make this happen.
    Any help much appreciated.

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