Onesie Pro – the premium landing page WordPress theme you asked for!

Onesie Pro

When we designed Onesie as our holiday gift to you we didn’t anticipate the incredible attention and popularity it has received from the community. Many of you asked if we planned on building a premium version of the theme. We are happy to announce we have!

Onesie Pro is the premium version of our free landing page theme Onesie. It offers the same pleasing landing page aesthetic but we’ve expanded its functionality to include blog posts, pages, portoflio entries and e-commerce integration through our Sell Media plugin. It is an out-of-the-box solution for everyone who craves a pleasantly simple portfolio that doesn’t distract and is easy to manage.

Six sections, effortless organization

All six sections in Onesie Pro are optional and can be arranged to fit your specific needs. Don’t need an about section? Simply disable it on the theme options page. Need the your portfolio above your blog? Move it up. This is all easily accomplished through Onesie Pro’s drag and drop organization feature.

  1. Intro – Add your logo, a custom welcome message and a custom “call to action” button.
  2. Portfolio – Add an infinite number of portfolio items through the portfolio section.
  3. About – Add a little text that introduces you to your site visitors.
  4. Contact – Add your contact info.
  5. Blog – Update your visitors on your latest endeavors and progress.
  6. E-Commerce – Instantly create a store with Sell Media to license and sell your work.

What’s included

  • Custom Background image support.
  • Robust theme options page for adding content to the landing page.
  • Add infinite Portfolio entries through the portfolio section.
  • Optional sections. All sections other than the Intro are optional, allowing you to just use the site to show the title, description and call to action button.

Onesie Pro adds extra functionality to Onesie’s simple landing page design. We’ve created templates to show posts, pages and portfolio entries that expand on and share a little more about your work. Here’s what you can do now:

  • Drag and drop organization.
  • Add custom header images.
  • Write Posts and Pages to describe your work or blog about your progress!
  • Create custom Menus to direct visitors to posts and pages.
  • Use Widgets for added functionality.
  • Sell your work directly through the front page using Sell Media.


A brief comparison chart

Onesie Pro Onesie
Drag and Drop Organization
E-Commerce Integration
Blog posts and pages
Custom Menus
Custom Header Image
Add Widgets
Minimalist design
Custom logo
Unlimited portfolio entries
Optional Sections

How Will You Use Onesie Pro?

Do you plan on showcasing your photography? Are you creating a personal website? Maybe you’re upgrading to Onesie Pro! Whatever it may be, we’d love to see your work in the comments below. Your feedback is always welcome!

Learn how Onesie Pro will help you beautifully showcase your work!

12 responses to “Onesie Pro – the premium landing page WordPress theme you asked for!”

  1. jimparker Avatar

    I noticed that the instructions for OnesiePro are the same as the Onesie theme. Are you planning or do you have revised instruction set for the expanded functionality?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, the instructions will be updated tomorrow to reflect the expanded features and options.

  2. Jennifer L. Eggerton Avatar

    Hi, Thad.

    I have a Pro account with you guys and I’m a bit curious about this theme. I am not interested in a background image, but I am wondering if a featured image can be included in the welcome message, with the image only showing on the home page (no other pages). So, for example, I would have my logo, then a featured image followed by the welcome message and call to action button.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, that is possible. All sections are totally optional. You can include html (an image) in the Welcome Message.

  3. irene Avatar

    how can I alter the call to action button (learn more) in onesie pro?

  4. Marc Avatar

    Hello, first congratulations on this theme, I think it is great and very complete.

    I have a question that I hope to resolve, can put a different background on each page or portfolio? if not, there are plugins that do?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations again.

  5. Crystal Avatar

    Hi, is there a way to add a form plugin to Onesie for contact info?

  6. Dexter Davis Avatar
    Dexter Davis

    Thanks for sharing.Good review.
    Landing page.

  7. Sudheer Yadav Avatar
    Sudheer Yadav

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  8. Jugal Avatar

    Can we embed a Disqus/Livefyre commenting system onto the theme for individual posts/portfolios?

  9. Megha Sharma Avatar
    Megha Sharma

    Hello Graph papers team,
    I have purchased this theme. I want to show my portfolio section in grid form but it si showing as archives. Please help me out. Thanks in advance

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