Our Latest Theme Sideswipe Makes Your Portfolio Beautiful and Hip

We’re pleased to announce our latest WordPress theme, Sideswipe. Beautiful and hip side-scrolling gallery slideshows are the hallmark of this theme.

This fun and minimalist theme pays homage to one of our most popular photo themes, Sidewinder. In our new theme Sideswipe however, you’ll get the chance to update and customize your theme, and see the changes instantly on the page before saving using the Live Theme Customizer. You can choose any background color and from over a dozen font options to make this theme your own. Not to mention, Sideswipe is fully responsive, which means it will look good on any mobile device.

Live Theme Customizer

Preview your theme customization changes instantly on the page before saving. Change colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds, and add custom CSS.

Gallery Slideshows

Display beautiful side-scrolling slideshows on the homepage and in your Gallery posts simply by uploading images in WordPress. Use the arrow buttons or your keyboard to navigate between images.

Lots of Font Options

Choose up to two fonts from a list of dozens to create that perfect typographic treatment that fits your style. Preview font choices live in the theme customizer before making those changes live for your visitors.

Responsive Design

Sideswipe adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see the fluid grids and flexible images in action.

Get It Now

Download Sideswipe here if you’re a paid Graph Paper Press member. It’s ready for you!

Tell us what you like the best about Sideswipe in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how your portfolio shines with this theme.

11 responses to “Our Latest Theme Sideswipe Makes Your Portfolio Beautiful and Hip”

  1. Clinton Blackburn Avatar

    This is not very usable. My natural tendency when I see a horizontal layout is to swipe. Failing that, I scroll. You have replaced two very natural actions with buttons. While this layout may look nice, it fails from a usability standpoint.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Hi Clinton – you can scroll using the scroll bars in any browser 🙂

  2. fiddleton Avatar

    can’t seem to remove (or replace) the header image (of the bridge) ..please advise.

  3. Heidi Avatar

    Hi! Love the theme…but can you size the images in the Home Page and the Gallery Post Format to be bigger (height) in order to not leave any white space at the bottom of photos? Thanks!

  4. film izle Avatar

    Very good and interesting site with very good look and perfect information … I like it.

  5. jenny Avatar

    Re: Clinton Blackburn’s comment… GPP, does Sideswipe swipe, or must you press a button?? [Can’t check, don’t have an ipad yet].

  6. Martin Harris Avatar

    Nice theme the only beef i have is that any images you post link to the image URL rather than the blog page, you have to manually add hyperlinks to each image. Something quite important when you consider the images take up the majority the space on the page.

  7. D. Harland Harris Avatar

    Great theme – both from design and functionality perspective. It also works as expected on iPad and breaks down nicely on smaller devices. Just one question: Has anyone tried adapting it to their photoshelter galleries? It’s not one of the ‘blessed’ themes, but if the manual configuration isn’t to onerous I’d like to jump from sidewinder which isn’t very tablet friendly.

  8. Michael Avatar

    I wish to purchase this site, however i see no Social Media icons on the demo. Can this be enabled as a plugin?

  9. nx8 Avatar

    I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my

  10. Simon Avatar

    Hi, I cant seem to post more than 10 images, is there a max limit?

    link – http://simonheger.dk/

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