How to Set Up Test Purchases Using PayPal on Your Sell Media Powered Website

Setting up a trouble-free payment process can be nerve-wracking. It must be completely secure and fully tested before going live in order to give the customer zero problems and total confidence in their purchase. Any issues with the checkout process, and it could end up with a potential refund to the customer, or no sale at all. […]

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5 Tips to Increase Checkout Conversions on Your Site

increase checkout conversions

Arguably the most important part of your website is your store’s checkout page. This is where potential customers become buyers, but if your checkout page isn’t optimized correctly, they could end up abandoning their cart and spending their money elsewhere. While increasing checkout conversions is a worthy goal, it may seem like a lost […]

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How to Sell Videos Online Using the Sell Media Plugin on Your WordPress Site

A camera lens surrounding photos.

Are you one of the 55% of people globally who watch online videos every single day? Video has become an incredibly popular format for consuming content, and it’s now as ubiquitous as images within our social media news feeds and timelines. Despite this, the ability to sell videos online is difficult than many other […]

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How to Set Up the Sell Media S3 Extension with WordPress


Cloud storage has become immensely popular, especially for hosting hefty files such as images and video. There are numerous benefits to storing your content on a dedicated server, and for offering downloads that are both consistently quick and secure, cloud storage is vital. We’ve developed our Sell Media plugin to help you sell images and video on your […]

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