Photolog: A Free WordPress Theme with Photographic Focus

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How long do you look at a photograph on a website before scrolling past it?

We all want to keep our website visitors interested, engaged and invested. But it’s tough – very tough.

Now, what if your website was optimized to draw viewers into your imagery? What if it helped focus readers’ attention and led them where you wanted them to go? What would this type of website look like?

Introducing Photolog

Say hello to Photolog, the newest member of our theme collection. Photolog puts a unique twist on the traditional tubular blog post: featured images alternate left and right, and “stick” in place until the reader has scrolled past that specific blog post. The interaction is fluid and intuitive, all while putting the spotlight on your beautiful photography. The best part? It’s free! Click the screenshot below to check it out.

Photolog WordPress theme

Main Features

Photolog works with the latest version of WordPress (4.4). Here are a few highlights of Photolog’s capabilities:

  • “Sticky” featured images
  • Customized headers
  • Customized backgrounds
  • Customized background color
  • Customized header text color
  • Three footer widget areas (left, center, right)
  • Logo support (via JetPack)
  • And much more

Simple Is Good

Take it from Jim Henson, the American puppeteer and creator of The Muppets: “Simple is good.” As with all of our themes, Photolog caters to simplicity and clarity. The design is also responsive, adapting to different screen sizes on desktop computers, handhelds and mobile phones, as seen below.

photolog responsive wordpress theme

Use Cases

While Photolog was originally created as a simple blog-style theme, we quickly realized that it could be so much more. For example, consider the following possible use cases:

  1. Portfolio – Create a single page portfolio with alternating images that “stick” as your readers scroll.
  2. Storytelling – Treat each post as a visual story with one photograph.
  3. Restaurant Menu – Envision each post as a menu item, with a detailed description and accompanying image.

How To Download Photolog

Photolog is simple, clean and free! Learn more and download it directly right here.

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13 thoughts on “Photolog: A Free WordPress Theme with Photographic Focus”

    1. Thanks Will. The browser dimensions determine the image proportions, which means that most images will be square and vertical. The design doesn’t really look good with horizontal images, but, we can help you with a tweak that will make this possible. Just email our support team: [email protected]

      1. Thanks Thad…since photographs can often be mixed, or some photographers prefer landscape format and others portrait, would it be worth considering including behavior switches in the theme to allow the user to set that according to their preference? Or even perhaps per post? If this were part of an enhanced version of this theme that cost $ it would definitely be feasible for this potential user. Thanks very much, Sz

        1. Thanks for the feedback Sasz! Let me talk to our team and see if this is a feature we’d want to roll out in an update. It makes total sense, but doing so will alter the original design/intent of the theme.

  1. “The design is also responsive, adapting to different screen sizes on
    desktop computers, handhelds and mobile phones, as seen below.” I see this … but when I scale my browser window down, the demo doesn’t respond to the scaled down version of the page.

      1. Let me restart my machine and browser. That may be why I am not seeing the demo site being responsive. If I scaled the page down, the image should be on top and the text to the right off of it should display below it. That’s not happening for me. I like that there are mobile versions available but that’s different from being responsive isn’t it? Otherwise, another beautiful theme from you guys.

      2. I’ll try to elaborate, since maybe a bit more explanation would be nice. The main image itself scales up and down inside a crop area. The content appears to not scale. So it reacts to browser size, which I guess you’d call ‘responsive’ but not in a way which most may come to expect (that is, image and content resizing to fit window).

  2. Great theme!
    Am using it with the “vanishing message” code.

    Only thing that does not seem to work for meare widgets all I get is a gray bar at the bottom where the widgets should be. Nothing really serious that is missing.

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