Poll: What is your ideal WordPress theme?

We will soon be unleashing a handful of new themes built atop our soon-to-be-released theme framework, called BASE.  When we drop BASE, we are also dropping two child themes that cater to photographers.  And boy do they look hot!  Here is a quick description of both child themes:

  • Uno – a slideshow theme for showcasing large single images and image galleries.
  • Sidewinder – a horizontally scrolling portfolio theme for photographers and designers.

With that in mind, we are seeking user input to help steer our theme design and development for our upcoming themes.  We encourage you to spend a few seconds and add your preferences in our polls below.

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14 responses to “Poll: What is your ideal WordPress theme?”

  1.  Avatar


    You ask “Which three features are most important for your homepage?” and then only allow us to choose one?


  2. Menes Avatar

    Pump Modularity with some steroids!

    A full featured back panel admin area (More choices)

    More widgets for the theme (like Woo)

    More Front Page features

    Social Media

    460 x 80 top banners in fact more ad sections



    1. Christinesammartino Avatar

      j’ai hâte de voir cela, étant nulle dans tout ce qui concerne le plus d’un blog, mais j’aime la beauté de présentation de certains blogs et j’ai envie de pouvoir faire de même.

  3. Patrick La Roque Avatar

    How soon is soon? Looking forward to Uno!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar
      Graph Paper Press

      We plan to release BASE by Dec. 10. The child themes will follow soon thereafter. We’ll release each child theme once it clears our BETA testing group.

      1. Charlestonism Avatar

        Thanks. I can’t wait to see it!

  4. Jimmy Avatar

    I use my site for more than one purpose because I don’t want to have multiple sites that require multiple SEO efforts. Is there a way say, to encoporate a showcase and a blog into the same theme?

  5. Diane Avatar

    Can you tell us when the new BASE themes are going to be released? I am about to start a new website and I’m trying to figure out if I should wait or not.

  6. Shannon Holman Avatar
    Shannon Holman

    e-commerce please!

  7. froggy33 Avatar

    Waiting for Sidewinder !!! Awesome !!! But will be better with a menu that won’t move with the scroll !

  8. Seth Avatar

    I have to say, that I quite like the theme Modularity Lite by Graph Paper Press. I have tried and tested quite a few, but after all was said and done… kept going back to Modularity Lite, and I doubt I will be changing anytime soon.

  9. steve Avatar

    Your themes are awesome. One need I’m noticing in working with a few friends in getting their portfolios live, is an integration with PayPal. Your themes highlight galleries very well, but it’d be nice to take that step forward and add on a Store layer for people to purchase select prints. So some Stote/Galleria hybrid would be great.

  10. Gemma Avatar

    I like some of your free themes. My site is going to be a portfolio and a blog. I will be creating my own theme but won’t be using slideshows/image rotators simply because they’re overused. Perhaps you could consider releasing portfolio themes that do not make use of slideshows and explore other interesting ways of displaying work instead?

  11. Mijavera Avatar

    Workaholic is a perfect theme but I would like the option to change effects and sizes of the gallery.

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