Ready, Set, Action! Create a Video Portfolio with New Theme Auditorium

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Video is growing rapidly on the web (who are we kidding… it’s hot!), so we are thrilled to help support creatives doing video with our new launch of Auditoriuma responsive video theme for WordPress. Auditorium allows you to display video and image slideshows on your site.

As with all of our recent theme launches, Auditorium lets you instantly change and customize your theme using the extremely fun and easy Live Theme Customizer. You can see the changes you’re making on your site instantly before you save, whether you edit your background color, fonts, logos, or more.

Plus, don’t worry about your videos not being able to play on a mobile device, or trying to figure out how to resize what. This theme is responsive, which means your videos will work whether you hit “play” on an Android or an iPad.

Video & Image Slideshows

Display beautiful video and image slideshows on the homepage and archive pages. Use the arrow buttons or your keyboard to navigate between images. Assign each post to the video or gallery post format and voila!

Live Theme Customizer

Preview your theme customization changes instantly on the page before saving. Change colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds, and add custom CSS.

350 Font Options

Choose up to two fonts from a list of 350 to create that perfect typographic treatment that fits your style. Preview font choices live in the theme customizer before making those changes live for your visitors.

Responsive Design

Auditorium adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see the fluid grids and flexible images in action.

Ready, Set… Action!

Download Auditorium here if you’re a paid Graph Paper Press member. It’s ready for your genius!

Tell us what you like the best about Auditorium in the comments below. We can’t wait to watch your videos in this theme.

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