Responsive WordPress Themes Have Arrived

Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress Themes

Do you care how your website performs on mobile devices? Did you know that mobile browsing now accounts for an estimated 10% of all web traffic in the U.S. and is predicted to quickly approach 15%?

Mobile browsing is gobbling up market share faster than knife fight in a phone booth. How people engage with your online portfolio and business is changing. How you respond to those changes is critical to your site’s success.

Why You Might Need A Responsive Website

As more and more people access the internet from devices of varying sizes, you are left with a few choices:

  1. Treat your mobile visitors like one big heaping mass and serve them the all the same desktop-oriented website.
  2. Build a website targeting iPhones. Build another version targeting iPads. Build a yet another version targeting desktops. Build a website targeting….well, you get the point.
  3. Build one website that can adapt to the screen size of any device (build a responsive website).

Clearly, option #3 wins by a landslide for reasons we need not explain further (pssst…if you do in fact need further explanation, post a comment below and we’ll chat).

How do you make your website responsive? It’s simple:

  1. Download one of our Responsive WordPress Themes
  2. Install it on your WordPress site
  3. Done! Ooh la la!

Upgrade Notice

In order to make our themes lightweight and responsive, a few things changed that you should be aware of:


  • Shortcodes have been removed and are now available in the GPP Shortcodes plugin. This plugin supports a fluid, responsive grid and can be used in any theme.
  • Theme Updates have been removed and are now a available in the GPP Theme Updates plugin. This plugin allows you to update any Graph Paper Press theme automatically when new versions are released.
  • Import/Export option was removed and is now available in the GPP Import/Export plugin.

Focal Point

  • The GPP Slideshow plugin is now a responsive slideshow plugin, meaning that the slides (images) scale to fit small and large browsers.
  • The category slider has been removed and is being converted into a responsive slider plugin.


  • Sidewinder now supports two menu positions: Main and Top.  Use the Main Menu position if you want your navigation to transform into a sleek select box when on mobile devices.  If your menu contains lots of items and drop downs, this ensures it will scale well on mobile devices.

Ready to Update Your Themes Automagically?

The GPP Theme Updates plugin allows you to update your GPP theme with just a few simple clicks. After entering your license key (from our Member’s area), click update, and voila, your theme will be up to date. The plugin will also auto-save a version of your old theme, so you have the option to revert back if you ever need to.

Create Responsive Slideshows

We’ve updated the GPP Slideshow plugin to be responsive and it will now automatically adjust based on browser size. If you’re using a theme like Focal Point that depends heavily on GPP Slideshow, this update is imperative.

Build Fluid Responsive Grid Layouts

The GPP Shortcodes plugin allows you to easily create fluid, responsive column layouts and add boxes and buttons to your Posts and Pages without modifying CSS, HTML or PHP.

Everyone Loves a Discount

Receive $30 off our annual theme subscriptions when you like us on Facebook. Enter the code at checkout to apply the discount. Plus, if you’re one of the first five people to activate a responsive theme and submit it to our showcase, you could win a FREE Annual Subscription.

14 responses to “Responsive WordPress Themes Have Arrived”

  1. Albert Avatar

    Looks like I am luckiest person to try  @graphpaperpress:twitter WordPress themes. Thanks for this wonderful theme. 🙂

    1. Vigrx Avatar

      Yeap, responsive themes are the way to go now. This theme is awesome!

  2. Matt Bridge-Wilkinson Avatar
    Matt Bridge-Wilkinson

    Support forums appear to be down and no contact details, need help can this please be resolved.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The support forum is only accessible to paid subscribers.  Feel free to contact us here if you have a question:


      1. male enhancement Avatar

        I’m a web designer myself and I’ve been wondering around the internet and different theme providers websites looking for a theme to include responsive design so I do not have to bother building a separate mobile website. I might just make the leap towards a theme here on Graphpaperpress.
        Thank you for you time designing this and thank you for saving me a valuable time that I can spend with my family now! Your work is appreciated.

  3. Eugene Kim Avatar

    Nice job GPP, looking forward to trying it out!

  4. Arussarts Avatar

    Immense does not appear to be working well on my android (htc evo shift)  but I love it and want to use it.    Will you be “upgrading” it for android?

  5. Ferb Avatar

    I want to try this theme soon. Hope it will work well and can you design a  theme just for me  that are simple yet eye catching, anyone?

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  7.  Avatar

    This is really great news. I always wanted a theme to include responsive design so I do not have to bother building a separate mobile website. I might just make the leap towards a theme here on Graphpaperpress. One question, how compatible is the Sidewinder theme with the About You/Welcome Message & Workshops plugins? I prefer to change the landing page in the Sidewinder theme into a welcome message page and might want to include workshops in the website. 

  8. Web design London Avatar

    The support forum is only accessible to paid subscribers.

  9. Pandorabracelets Avatar

    6A6ZYYFJL I like it very much!

  10. Tom @ Double Decker Bus Avatar

    I have notice more mobile browsers on the analytics for my site. What I really didn’t like was the plugins that made a mobile site look cheesy. This theme seems great for creating a functional mobile viewed site. 

  11. Zinavo London Avatar

    Web planning entails the task of planning hypertext markup language driven web content in order that they’ll be displayed simply over the web.

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