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Retouch Pro WordPress theme

Today, we’re stoked to launch Retouch Pro, the premimum version of Retouch, a Polaroid-style responsive theme. The theme is characterized by an understated style that showcases your work first, and powerful tools and features under the hood. Retouch Pro makes it easy to take your creative business to the next level.

While the free version of this theme doesn’t include any theme or styling options, Retouch Pro does allow you to choose from four alternative styles, quickly and easily change the font using Google Fonts, and add custom CSS so you can tinker to your style’s delight.

Not only that, but Retouch Pro is responsive (that means it works great on any computer or device AND looks great) and is touch-screen friendly for easy navigation by your mobile site visitors.

You can download the Retouch Pro theme now if you’re a paid Graph Paper Press member, or sign up. All paid members receive automatic theme updates, and access to our brilliant Support team and tutorials to get you out of any tech jams.

Check out the demo here, and let us know if you like what you see below!

Retouch Pro WordPress theme
Retouch Pro WordPress Theme – Classic Style
Retouch Pro WordPress Theme Archive Page Template
Retouch Pro WordPress Theme Archive Page Template – Classic Style
Retouch Pro Gallery
Retouch Pro Swipe/Touch Gallery Display

Retouch Pro Features & Benefits

  • Responsive. Retouch Pro works awesome on all mobile devices. The site adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work – and be optimized for – iPhones, iPads, tablets and more.
  • Manage one website for mobile, desktop (no need for mobile editions).
  • Touch-screen-friendly gallery navigation enhances mobile gallery experience. That means visitors to your site can swipe or click-through galleries.
  • Easy-to-use theme options for customization (no need to know code).
  • Five alternative styles (classic, dark, default, elegant, wood).
  • Easy-to-switch out fonts, customize the background, the header, the colors, add custom CSS, and more.
  • Post Formats – Retouch Pro supports the Image, Gallery and Standard post formats.
  • HTML5 (that’s the latest and greatest under the hood).

How To Download

If you already have a paid Graph Paper Press account, simply log in and click Download.

Otherwise, go ahead and sign up for an account. Not only do we not bite, but we also build WordPress themes exclusively for creatives including photographers, designers, musicians, artists, foodies, illustrators, and more. You get new theme launches monthly, awesome Support and the opportunity to showcase your talent, draw in clients and build your creative business in just a few clicks.

Easy as pie. Actually, much easier. We all know making pie isn’t easy.

14 responses to “Retouch Your Site With Our Newest Theme”

  1. Mike Burnside Avatar

    Does this theme handle the integration with Photoshelter sites/plug-ins?

  2. David Queenan Avatar

    Can you have portfolio galleries with this theme eg Landscapes, People etc

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You sure can. The archive pages show images in landscape format by default, but the galleries support both horizontal and vertical images.

      1. James Avatar

        Is it possible to modify your demo so one of the sections displays portrait images to see how it lines up?

  3. Jimmieyu12 Avatar

    i like it.

  4. Duncan Avatar

    Looks great, but in my mind would be improved by not having the ‘tag’ & ‘category’ dropdown lists. I think this makes it look a bit confusing to potential clients & would prefer to see a cleaner gallery-only system.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Glad you like it. You could simply remove the code that generates the dropdowns from page-archive.php if you don’t want them.

  5. georg Avatar

    Looks great. I am quite happy with immense, but maybe I will give it a try ….

  6. Alison Avatar

    Lovely. Does it support video as well?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yep! It supports video.

  7. Steve Hale Avatar

    This is exactly the theme I have been waiting for, going to chance my site over to this.  Love it!

  8. Laura Avatar

    I love the Flapper photo, it’s very HDR-like… my favorite.

  9. Josephine Avatar

    Im trying to change font color, I have never searched thing long to change something so basic 😀 My website is http://www.fjarilflickans.se can you tell me where I change the color of the menutext?

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