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Say hello to Intra, a sleek landing page theme for WordPress

Intra is simple, beautiful and versatile. It was designed to give you the opportunity to greet your visitors with the content you’d like them to engage with first. Whether you’d like to impress your visitors with your most stunning image, a simple newsletter sign-up form, a list of your services, a direct contact page or a collection of images ready to be sold, Intra’s flexibility will surely help you create the website you’ve always wanted.


  • Landing Page Customizability – Intra’s landing page isn’t limited to a single type of content. It can be used to introduce yourself, offer search capabilities for your photography shop or showcase your work.
  • Minimalist Menu – Intra has a minimalist menu with icons that appears only when clicked, allowing your visitors to focus on what you’ve decided to showcase.
  • Fullscreen images – Your blog and pages feature large images to contextualize your content and draw your visitors closer to your work.
  • Develop a Subscriber-base – Embed a contact form and quickly collect e-mails to develop a following.
  • Responsive Design – Intra is designed to look amazing on devices of all shapes and sizes.

Landing Page Options

  • Welcome Page – Greet your visitors with a stunning image and a brief description of yourself, your brand or your services!
  • Newsletter Sign-up – Invite your visitors to become subscribers and develop a following to update via e-mail! A great way to generate leads and potential sales in the future!
  • Media Search Bar – Use Sell Media to showcase an easy way for your visitors to access your photography collection.


E-Commerce Integration

Sell Media, our free e-commerce plugin for photographers, may be coupled with Intra to create a stunning online photography shop. Using Sell Media you can easily create a shop or create galleries for your clients to browse through prior to downloading or purchasing your work.

How will you use Intra?

We’re very excited to see what you guys will do with Intra! As always, let us know what you think and show us what you’ve built with Intra below!

6 responses to “Say hello to Intra, a sleek landing page theme for WordPress”

  1. Mikael Avatar

    Is it possible to have a randomly chosen image for the landing page?

    1. maharzan Avatar

      You can add a page for home/landing page and add your own featured image on that page which appears as the background image. It won’t select images randomly but that might be a good suggestion if its possible to integrate. Thanks for asking.

  2. ibspromocija Avatar


    I wanna build photostock web, is it possible with these theme that photographer can log in and sell his photos?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, this theme integrates with our Sell Media plugin, which allows site owners to sell photos and other media from their website.

  3. Sudheer Yadav Avatar
    Sudheer Yadav

    SEE INDIAN ACTRESS WALLPAPER ON http://www.guruofmovie.com/

  4. PaulPetchAndCo Avatar

    I’ve decided to look at selling stock imagery again and come back to you guys! I started with GPP back in the days of Modularity and tried Photoshelter. Anyway, i’ve just downloaded Intra and looking forward to setting up this new venture. Thanks guys.

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