Say Hello to Mixfolio

Mixfolio WordPress theme

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Mixfolio, a responsive, HTML5, post format-loving, portfolio theme for WordPress.  Best of all, it’s free! Mixfolio is a minimal portfolio theme that allows you to easily separate content by post formats and category.  You can also shuffle through the posts on the homepage by category, using a cool javascript effect.

Mixfolio WordPress theme
Mixfolio WordPress theme

Responsive Design

Mixfolio is a responsive theme, adapting to the screen sizes of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Want to see it in action? Grab the corner of your browser window and make the window smaller. Neat, eh?


Mixfolio is an HTML5 theme, which adds support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices.

Post Formats

Assign Posts to specific Post Formats, such as Image, Gallery, Video, Standard, Quote and Link. The single post template changes design based on the Post Format you’ve assigned the post to.  Mixfolio integrates with the newly released WP Post Formats Admin UI plugin by Crowd Favorite.  Here is a screenshot of the WordPress Post admin for a Gallery Post Format:

Mixfolio WordPress theme post formats admin ui
Mixfolio WordPress theme post formats admin

Mixfolio styles each supported Post Format differently and gets rid of the unnecessary clutter (content, meta data, comments, sidebar) when appropriate.  Here are the Post Format examples:

Theme Options

Use the theme options page to customize all the main design features on the homepage.  You can change or altogether remove the welcome message, select which categories show up on the homepage, etc.


Mixfolio contains two widgetized areas for easily adding text boxes, tag clouds, link lists, etc. Add your own widgets on the Appearance -> Widgets page.

Download and Share The Love

Sign up for a Free Account to download Mixfolio.  If you plan on using Mixfolio, we’d love to see your site submitted to our theme showcase.  A Tweet and Like are equally appreciated. Enjoy muchachas and muchachos!

91 responses to “Say Hello to Mixfolio”

  1.  Avatar

    Love this theme Thad. Simple and Elegant. 🙂

  2.  Avatar

    Great work… Reinventing yourself keeping the GPP spirit….

  3. Brudnyfarry Avatar

    Is it possible to show more than 15 latest posts?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Not without modifying the home.php/index.php posts_to_show variable.

  4. Mijavera Avatar

    I’m having trouble with drop down menu… I don’t see the css option in menu location.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      WordPress hides the CSS option by default. Click Screen Options and show the CSS option.

      1. Mijavera Avatar

        Thank you~!!

        I had simple lightbox in my last theme but since the gallery option in posts goes to attachment pages instead of the actual image link – the lightbox doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions of a plugin to make the gallery posts lightbox friendly?

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      WordPress hides the CSS option by default. Click Screen Options and show the CSS option.

  5. Dnamnam Avatar

    Great them! One question though: comments are closed for individual pictures in gallery post. How do I enable them (like shown here http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/mixfolio/2011/11/03/yet-another-gallery-post/attachment/89888482/ )?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Glad you like it 🙂

      The post you linked to is actually a Post Attachment.  Each image in a WordPress gallery gets it’s own “attachment” page.  Just wanted to clarify that.

      You can enable comments site-wide on the Settings -> Discussion tab in WordPress.  You can disable comments on individual Posts or Pages in WordPress by scrolling down below the Post Editor window and checking the “Show/Hide Comments” box.  If it isn’t there, click Screen Options (top right) when on a Post or Page and show the Comments box. Sometimes it’s hidden by default to clean up the UI.

      1. Dnamnam Avatar

        Thank you for the reply. Sorry I didn’t get it: so, I upload as a new post a gallery. Do I have to create separate “attachment” pages for each picture of the gallery, and then point to each one with a link from the specific picture? 

        Maybe it’s something obvious, I’m a wordpress newbie – excuse me!


  6. Lucas Avatar

    Thanks for this theme–it’s very useful but I was wondering how to set a different default featured image so that text-only posts don’t have the ‘Featured Image Missing’ as their homepage thumbnail.

    Would also be awesome to have the option to make the post title overlay the thumbnail for selected posts.


    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You’re very welcome.  You can replace the “Featured Image Missing” image by opening up the images folder in Mixfolio and replacing the image.jpg image.  Hope that helps

      1. Lucas Avatar

        Great, thanks very much–found that just fine.

        Would you also be able to say whether it’s possible to let the title & meta info appear as an overlay of the thumbnail by default, rather than only on hover?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Yeah, you could do this by deleting the style=”display: none” class on line 52 of home.php.  You might also need to delete lines 32-45 on jquery.core.js

  7. Andymation Avatar

    I love this theme! Just what I have been looking for. 
    It would be nice to have the option for Next and Prev page buttons if the posts exceed 15.
    Is there a way to do that? Seems strange not to be able to page through older posts…

    Additionally, you mentioned changing the posts_to_show variable in order to show more than 15 posts per page. I could not find any such named variable. Where does one find that?


  8. Mijavera Avatar

    I still have a question about lightbox ><;

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The theme doesn’t use a lightbox.  You will have to install your own lightbox and implement it.

  9. gjo Avatar

    You mentioned being able to shuffle the posts. I cant seem to figure out how. Could you please tell me how?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Click on the Recent Work title

      1. gjo Avatar

        i did! but somehow for me its not clickable.. am i missing something?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          What OS and what browser are you using?

        2. gjo Avatar

          Using windows 7 and opera browser

        3. gjo Avatar

          i tried it on mac and chrome too.. still no joy.. 🙁

    2. MichaelWeb Avatar

      Please make sure you select at least 2 categories for “Categories” option under Theme Options > Homepage. 
      Then you will see different category names next to Recent Work. Clicking them will display only posts for that category.

      1. Gijopaulgeorge Avatar

        Yes, I have categories, and it works as u have mentioned. But my query is regarding displaying all the categories, and if there is a way to shuffle the order of the posts as they are displayed on the home page? any help would be deeply appreciated! thanks!

  10. Andymation Avatar

    Where do we find the variable to allow more than 15 posts to show up?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You would need to remove or rename the theme-options.xml file in the mixfolio/option-tree folder.  Then you can change the Settings of the Theme Options on the OptionTree -> Setting/Config tab.

      1. Andymation Avatar

         Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  11. gues Avatar

    This theme is advertised as working with IE 7 and 8. However, the slide shuffle doesn’t work in  IE. It returns a javascript error. At least that is what I noticed testing the theme out on your demo page. ?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We have tested in IE 7 & 8.  The error might be related to a plugin….We will check it out and fix it if it is a bug.  Thanks for the notice!

      1. gues Avatar

        Just to be clear: I tested it from your website demo (an install I did) using IE 8. It returned an error :

        Webpage error details

        User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; MDDR; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
        Timestamp: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 06:10:36 UTC

        Message: Exception thrown and not caught
        Line: 17
        Char: 11966
        Code: 0
        URI: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/mixfolio/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.6.1

        1. gues Avatar

          I meant not an installation I did 🙂 sorry

  12. bc Avatar

    Love the theme! Appreciate you guys making it free of charge. I did have a question. Is there any way to center a gallery post or does the gallery have to remain aligned to the left?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Thanks! The Gallery Posts should be centered when using three column galleries:


      Can you post a link to your site if it isn’t centering for you?

      1. bc Avatar

        The thumbnails are centered, but when you view the images in the gallery, the single images are aligned to the left. Was just wondering if there was a way to center them when viewing them that way.


        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Oh, yeah, just add this to the bottom of style.css:

          .attachment { text-align: center }

  13. Theodore Scott Avatar
    Theodore Scott

    When I put external links in the welcome message or the contact details box, the theme always adds the address of my site – making the link not work. How can I fix that?

  14. Guest Avatar

    The theme options for selecting categories on the front page doesn’t seem to work properly.

    The home.php file has the following line of code: $category_query = new WP_Query(‘posts_per_page=’.$ta[‘ta_home_post_number’].’&cat=’.$categories)….which I think is trying to pass an array of categories to ‘cat’ instead a list of category ids.

    This, I believe, is makes all new articles appear on the front page instead of just the items selected from the option tree.

  15.  Avatar

    Excellent theme. Is there a way I can make the homepage post shuffle use a custom post type and taxonomy that I have created, instead of all posts and categories?


      1.  Avatar

        That worked very well. Now I just need to work out how to change the categories to a custom taxonomy, in the back end it only gives the post categories as options.

  16. maywind Avatar

    Hi, when I try installing the theme I am prompted to install the plugin “OptionTree” with it, but when following the link given in the WP admin area, I get the error message “The plugin has no valid header”. Tried to find it in the WP plugin repository, but no luck. Any advice?


    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The plugin is being updated by the developer it looks like. You can download it from GitHub:

      1. maywind Avatar

        Great, thanks!

  17. Eden Avatar

    Hey there, I absolutely loved this theme so I chose it for my new blog project. I would really like to work with different post formats but only the options “standard”, “gallery” and a third format (whose name I forgot right now) are displayed for me to choose from. How do I solve this problem? 

    1. Eden Avatar

      No wait, I just figured it out. Forgot to edit the WP Post Formats options. Sorry and thanks anyways! 🙂

  18. Colin Kelley Avatar

    I hate to ask a question when you’ve given me something for free – but I’m having trouble getting this theme to work with shortcode (of any type) and Firefox 8. 

  19. oakleys Avatar

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  20. Vincent Avatar

    My images don’t do the hover anymore after clicking on a category under ‘recent work:’, in this theme however it works so it does not depend on my browser, also all my media settings, regen thumbnails and other activated plugins were deactivated and checked, but i still haven’t found a solution?

  21. Kevin Avatar

    Hey there,

    At first I would like to thank GGP for this great free WordPress theme, it’s a style I was really looking for.
    I do however have a question.

    I like the idea of having the 9 recent post showcased when one visits the site. The recent work bar where one can filter by categories works excellent, but I experienced that it will only filter the 9 most recent post and won’t show older post.
    Is there any way to index older posts by clicking the ‘filter’ without having to show more then 9 thumbs on the index page?

    Right now, my older posts can’t be viewed without going to the archive which I disabled because of my design.

    I hope I make sense,
    Kind regards,

  22. Niek Avatar

    Is it possible to change the theme options for selecting categories on the front page in a way that it will select all the content from a category so not just the one from the frontpage but the whole site?
    I’m not sure how to ask this question but I hope it is clear.

  23. Calvinsmj Avatar

    Hi, I am unable to get my logo to show up. I have uploaded it and stuck to the dimension restrictions as advised but it still shows just the text and no logo image. Is this a bug or an easy fix?

  24. Jaden Sun Avatar
    Jaden Sun

    Hi. i appreciate you create this theme. it’s my truely love. now, i use it in my personal site,www.sunjaden.com. now ,there is a question,how to achieve a navigation which has the secondary menu?? hope your reply. thanks!

  25. Pandorabracelets Avatar

    6A6ZYYFJL I like it very much!

  26. Irregular Photography Avatar

    Absolutely love this – you guys rock. It’s exactly what I was looking for, looking forward to tweaking this… Huge thanks!

  27. Kyrre Havik Eriksen Avatar

    Love the theme! Just curious on how to translate the theme to Norwegian?

  28. Thomas Gaudio Avatar

    Hey, great theme! I hope you can help with a little problem I’m having. I’m trying to edit CSS for the narrow rectangular box on the homepage. (According to Firebug, the HTML is: ul id=”filter” class=”breadcrumb”. It’s below the Welcome Area.) Firebug says it should be in style.css, but when I’m in style.css through Appearance–>Editor, the code I see through Firebug isn’t there.

    Is Firebug referencing another style.css sheet? If so, where is it? Maybe that code is accessible through global.css? While the edit page allows access to other CSS sheets, there’s only one style.css sheet and no global.css sheet.

    I’m a relative novice (as if that wasn’t obvious already) and this is my first attempt to use a theme so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  30. Small Business Web Design Avatar

    wow! Amazing theme,  with all interactive features and functions. I am inspired. Thanks a lot for sharing..

  31. Nuddarinn Avatar

    I really like this theme but would like to keep just 3 sticky posts on the homepage.  InTheme Options I can choose “Number of Posts” (3,6,9,15) but if I choose 3 it displays 3 posts in addition to the 3 sticky ones.

    Any idea how to bypass this ?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Open home.php and change line 39 from:

      $category_query = new WP_Query(‘posts_per_page=’.$gpp[‘gpp_home_post_number’].’&cats=’.$cats);to

      $category_query = new WP_Query(‘posts_per_page=0&cats=’.$cats);

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Open home.php and change line 39 from:

      $category_query = new WP_Query(‘posts_per_page=’.$gpp[‘gpp_home_post_number’].’&cats=’.$cats);to

      $category_query = new WP_Query(‘posts_per_page=0&cats=’.$cats);

  32. Kat Avatar

    I am receiving an error when I am trying to activate this theme:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multi_author() in /homepages/29/d323660406/htdocs/app323771110/wp-content/themes/mixfolio/lib/functions/body.php on line 34

    I use WordPress 3.1. Could you please help?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You’ll need to update WordPress to the latest version.

  33. Simon Jones Avatar
    Simon Jones

    Is there any way to get the archive to show more than 10 posts on a page. I have the catagories as months, so I want the archive pages to show up to 31 images.

    1. Wendy Avatar

      I would also like to ask the same question. I want to change the number of posts in a catagory archive. How can I do this?

      1. Simon Jones Avatar
        Simon Jones

        I think they are ignoring my question Wendy 🙂

        1. Simon Jones Avatar
          Simon Jones

          Wendy, I eventually figured it out. Settings/Reading in the dashboard. Simple answer, maybe far too simple for the folks of Graph Paper Press to bore themselves with?

  34. David Avatar

    Love this theme, but cannot seem to get the navigation to appear in the correct spot when viewing on a mobile phone. The navigation goes to the very left, however when you touch the icon nothing happens. And then if you press to the right of the site name, where it appears to be nothing there, then the navigation menu appears on the phone.

  35. Shann Avatar

    The most recent 9 posts is all that is showing on my home page – I tried selecting only 2 or 3 categories in theme options, but it continues to show the nine most recent posts no matter what category they are.

    I too would like to know if there is a way to get older posts to show on the home page when selecting a category from the recent works menu. It’s sad to see just one or two boxes left when they select a category that doesn’t have a lot of posts on the beginning or “All” initial home page.

    Someone else mentioned sticky posts – how do I do that?

    I’ve gone in way over my head with some of the modifications I’ve made already – so you are talking to a newbie who doesn’t mind getting dirty with the technical jargon.


    1. Shann Avatar

       Oh – one other issue – the background image I have – just a tiled texture – is mostly for people with a wide screen monitor. The design with all the content still has a plain white background, however, on the ipad it looks really goofy – the background is showing under the whole thing – I lost my white background for the content area. Where/what do I do to have the ipad settings just ignore the background image and use plain white?


  36. Hendro Utomo Avatar
    Hendro Utomo

    where’s the download link?i thought it’s free?

  37. stella Avatar

    I’m using the theme and is appearing Mixfolio the following message:
    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /dados/www/dominios/htdocs/xxxx/www.xxx.com.br/wp-content/themes/mixfolio/home.php on line 39
    Can anyone help me?

  38. Mark Luise Avatar
    Mark Luise

    The information in this article has been very interesting! I will be returning to read through future threads and have bookmarked this site. Keep up the good work!
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  39. S Box Avatar
    S Box

    Hi. I’ve been playing with this theme and I noticed that on mine, and your demo, the pictures on the front page are ever so slightly off center. They align to the left. Look at them compared to the catagories bar and you’ll see what I mean.

    This happens in all browser that I have tested on a Mac.

    Can you help, is there something i can add to the style sheet?

    Thanks guys, these theme is beautiful and 99.9% perfect (just need to fix this little glitch).

  40. gartenliegen Avatar

    You can also shuffle through the posts on the homepage by category, using a cool javascript effect.

  41. webdesign Avatar

    you can insert them into the posts, etc. You probably already knew that.
    You probably have seen the gallery inserter, which just inserts the
    “gallery” shortcode into your post.

  42. misnoma Avatar

    thanks for the great theme. is there any documentation please on how to (1) replace site name with logo? (2) reduce height of welcome message. thank you!

  43. misnoma Avatar

    When I activated the Mixfolio theme, it didn’t ask about installing any plugins. What plugins does it require please?

  44. Czesław Liebert Avatar
    Czesław Liebert

    I did not get any info upon theme activation about the plugins needed to run the theme. Where can I get such list?

  45. Tom Avatar

    Hi there, just wanted to ask how you make posts sticky. Is this an option with free version? Cheers, Tom

  46. Manohar Avatar

    Help please! I’m using the amazing Mixfolio theme, but after installing the slideshow plugin and changing the permalinks the navigation menu at the top of all pages disappeared! Please help!

    1. Manohar Avatar

      Problem solved!

  47. Simon Avatar

    This is a fantastic theme, but what’s with the “Go to…” menu that appears when the browser gets small? I notice it appears on your demo and http://mixfoliodemo.wordpress.com/ across browsers & OSs

  48. Suzanne Avatar

    Hi. First off I love this theme, so thank you! However, I am having problems. When creating a post I am not seeing the options for Standard, Image, Gallery, etc listed above, and when I create a post using gallery format they only show up as small thumbnails. On your sample they are larger. How can I change them from thumbnails?

  49. Suzanne Avatar

    Hi. First off I love this theme, so thank you! However, I am having problems. When creating a post I am not seeing the options for Standard, Image, Gallery, etc listed above, and when I create a post using gallery format they only show up as small thumbnails. On your sample they are larger. How can I change them from thumbnails?

  50. Anna Sircova Avatar

    something happened to the theme after I updated to the latest wordpress (3.5.1) – I can’t set the featured image any more… is there a way to resolve it? I am really in love with this theme and don’t want to let it go..

  51. javier Avatar

    heyyy sorry for my english.. i have this incredible theme too, but i dont understand why in the demo, the gallerie preview its with big photos and in my theme the images are small ??? and i need some plugin for create a slide o presentation of my pictures inside of the post… some idea..? thanks for this beautifoul theme.. from Barcelona.. Javier.

  52. Finn Avatar

    Well first of all I would like to say a big “HELLO” to you
    with greetings of the day!!!

    Without waiting too much I would love to
    download “mixfolio” for my upcoming portfolio website. Really
    you have showcased a hand-selected theme for WordPress users. Well I have seen lots
    of websites such as themeshared(.)com, dailynulled.com or wordpress.org as well
    but you always present something innovative to us

  53. Eye of Woden Avatar
    Eye of Woden

    In the version I’m currently using there is no ‘theme option’ to filter categories and there is no home.php file. Can anyone tell me how I can set only a certain category of posts to display on my front page? The template php doesn’t seem to be similar to other themes, so all the tutorials I can find don’t relate to mixfolio.

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