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Sell Media 1.6 – Plus an Open Call for Your Feedback.

We keep making Sell Media better.  Version 1.6 is ready for download. The most notable new feature of this update is that we added the option to set a given price group as the site default.

In less than 11 months, we’ve added over 30 new features and made over 45 smaller tweaks. We are committed to continuing our quest to make Sell Media the most useful and streamlined e-commerce plugin for photographers. We still have more planned for the future including: bringing the price group feature to the photo-reprints extension, adding the ability to use print-on-demand services and any other ideas that you folks can come up with.

In the comments, please leave some more feedback on how you like Sell Media. Then download version 1.6.

45 responses to “Sell Media 1.6 – Plus an Open Call for Your Feedback.”

  1. Trevor Meier Avatar
    Trevor Meier

    Workflows for automated print fulfilment with 3rd-party vendors that can ship internationally would be great.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We are working on this as I write! This will happen very soon.

      1. highclassnocash Avatar

        Any update on this feature?

        1. Peter Avatar

          Hey, guys, it would be nice if you replied to these kinds of questions in your comments threads. These are make or break questions for people like me considering your product. Makes me wonder what your support is like if you don’t respond here.
          Please give us an update on this stuff!

  2. Paul Pratt Avatar
    Paul Pratt

    In the collection view, when you view a single image it is very frustrating that there is no next/previous navigation. Having to go back to the main collection to view each individual image does not encourage browsing or let you use Sell Media as a Photo-Cart, Proof-Press or Photoshelter replacement.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      That’s a very simple thing we can add. Which theme are you using?

      1. Paul Pratt Avatar
        Paul Pratt

        I’m using a non GPP theme ( http://themeforest.net/item/fluxus-portfolio-theme-for-photographers/full_screen_preview/3854385 )as none of your themes seem to offer retina image compatibility sadly.

      2. Scott Thomas Avatar
        Scott Thomas

        Can you add this feature to your Stock Photography theme please?

  3. Paul Pratt Avatar
    Paul Pratt

    There is no ability to deliver to a client all images from a shoot in a downloadable zip file. This is something your partners do well.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      I’d love to chat more about this feature. “Client proofing” isn’t something that fits our spec for Sell Media, but we could easily add this as an extension.

      I envision it working like this:

      1. You upload a bunch of images to a collection.
      2. You password protect that collection.
      3. You upload a ZIP file to that collection containing all your images for client proofing.
      4. You provide the client with the login, from which they can download the ZIP containing all images.


      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        I should have added, we could automate the process of zipping all images in the “client proof” collection. What do you prefer? Manually zip (you’re responsible, so you have creative freedom, but more work for you or we automate it and zip all images in the collection up automatically for you, so you loose some creative control).

        1. Paul Prat Avatar
          Paul Prat

          It would be great if it could zip up whatever size the client requests. Say they want to download all off the full size files or all of the medium size files. If it could deliver all the full sized zipped up or all the mediums zipped up it would be ideal.

        2. Peter Avatar

          This would be a terrific option for Sell Media. Any progress on the Client Proofing or downloadable collection?

  4. Garrin Ball Avatar

    I wish I could offer images for free for personal use, but then charge for commercial. Seems that since a license price is done as a percentage, if I start the image free, no amount of markup will help it.

  5. Casey Lessard Avatar

    Perhaps it’s there but I can’t see it: discount codes for ordering multiples, or for ordering more than a certain value. I offer these discounts once I reach a few hundred dollars, and then again for an even higher value.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      That is a feature request that we plan on working on soon.

  6. Richard Ellis Avatar
    Richard Ellis

    The ability to ready and use the IPTC metadata is critical as this is the industry standard

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sell Media reads IPTC metadata already and generates keywords, etc. using these IPTC terms. Or perhaps you have something else in mind?

      1. Richard Ellis Avatar
        Richard Ellis

        then you are mapping the wrong fields as none of my images have the keywords or caption data pulled from the iptc. it does show the description field but not keywords and none of them show in the search functionality.

        1. zane matthew Avatar
          zane matthew

          Thanks for bring this to our attention. I’ve tested this, but keywords are being imported for me. Regardless I’ve opened a ticket on our issue tracker and we’ll try and replicate this: https://github.com/graphpaperpress/sell-media/issues/468

        2. APC Avatar

          Hi there – just wondering if anyone can post some examples of Sell Media sites whereby the search function is working flawlessly? I have yet to see a site that has/does unfortunately. This is the only thing stopping me from buying this theme. Cheers.

  7. Tony Avatar

    I would love to see more payment options like pay via credit card

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      That’s on the bucket list! We plan on integrating with Stripe.com

  8. Friv Jogos Avatar

    Glad to visit your blog. Thanks for this great post that you share to us

  9. John Scotland Avatar
    John Scotland

    Hi Thad, this looks great. What I’m interested to know is more about selling videos. For example it be cool for filmmakers to be able to sell documentaries and training videos as downloads. Most of what I have read seems to be tailored for selling photostill images, what are your plans for selling video content? Many Thanks John

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, you can sell video files with this. Remember that each video file you add to Sell Media needs to have an assigned “Featured Image”. This image will represent the video on archives.

  10. David Martin Avatar
    David Martin

    As you add a lot of large image files your wordpress storage will soon get very full. It also makes uploading each one very slow. Would it be possible to have the large image file (which will be the sold image) stored externally (e.g. Amazon/Dropbox) and only have smaller file size previews shown on WordPress?

    1. Scott Thomas Avatar
      Scott Thomas

      David, this would be a very useful feature especially for videographers where one file can be 500MB or more. I have spent years trying to find this solution (so people can view watermarked videos and buy clean versions) but I am yet to find one. Sell Media feels like it is close to being able to offer this.

  11. Arnfinn Nilsen Avatar
    Arnfinn Nilsen

    It would be very nice if it was possible to use other autoresponders than Mail Chimp. Personally I use SendReach, but normally the plugins I have purchased has the option to enter a custom autoresponder code if it’s not directly supported. Is this something that can be done with Sell Media?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      It would have to be created as an extension. We chose MailChimp because it’s the most popular solution.

  12. Scott Thomas Avatar
    Scott Thomas

    Having fun with Sell Media and Stock Photography theme, but have a few observations.

    Adding a link to another file (maybe a different size of video) incorporates the “featured image” from that file as well. So if you have the original plus 2 different sizes you end up with 3 identical “featured images”. If the linked videos don’t have a “featured image” they do not show up with a thumbnail at checkout making the client wonder if they have selected the right video.

    Need an option to “hide” the featured image on linked pages, or to have a different checkout thumbnail.

  13. Tony Avatar

    I find it extremly painfull to maintain large amounts of images through the wordpress image library. Are you planing on integrating en easy to use library system or do you have a suggestion for a plugin that might make my life a little easier?

    1. Tony Avatar

      for example: I have accidently added several images twice to one collection. Now i have to go through 260 images individually to delete the ones that are doubled up

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        Use WordPress’ search and sorting features to find the right image fast.

  14. paaren Avatar

    Suggestion…..plugin settings toggle for reprints only, turn off all downloads ……that way the reprints could have price groups. I need the ability to limit the size options per item which the price groups functionality solves.

  15. Evandro Guedes Avatar
    Evandro Guedes

    It would be very nice if it was possible to sell prepaid credits like iStock ( http://www.istockphoto.com/buy-stock-prepaid-credits.php?fileId=19156623 ) .

    1. Fernando Blum Avatar
      Fernando Blum

      Will be amazing!!!!! We need it too!!
      This package system is very important for stocks…

  16. Joseph Avatar

    Am I missing something, but how do we provide a tiff file as (for example) an extended license option?

    Lots of clients will be happy to download a jpg (at the highest res) yet I would like to offer the option for tiff versions of each image listed.

    Just to be clear, what i envisage happening is this: In the pop up that opens when you “purchase” an image there would be a secondary drop down to select the tiff version with a corresponding price (scaled from the original) next to it?

    Is this possible?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      That would only be possible through code customization.

      1. Joseph Avatar

        Is this something that you are planning on rolling out?

        Any serious agency looking to purchase images for print are going to be looking for tiff files, not jpgs…

        1. Joseph Avatar

          Any word on whether this will be implemented soon guys?

  17. Michelle Avatar

    I’m a fine artist, and I have the theme Sell Media automatically comes with. But what I need is not just to be able to sell prints, but also originals. Or a way to change the “reprint” tab to say something else. And a way to then delete the download tab. Ideally, what I was hoping for was a way for the 1st tab to say “original” and allow for the sale of the original artwork. And then keeping the 2nd tab as is, as I do sell prints and giclees of my work.

  18. spencerblack Avatar

    Will Sell Photos get the next/previous feature as well?

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  20. Bart Zwemmer Avatar
    Bart Zwemmer

    I have alreay emailed this, but I thought to share it again: Creadit Cards aren’t very common here. I would like to see the possibility of sending an invoice or use iDeal.

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