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Say Hello to Sell Media 1.9

Sell Media 1.9 is officially out and we’re really excited to show you what it is capable of. We’ve made several major changes that really improve how Sell Media works for you and your customers. It is available to download from our Sell Media page and WordPress.org. You may also upgrade to the most recent version directly through your WordPress dashboard.

To ensure your website continues to be uninterruptedly awesome, please make sure you have updated both Sell Media and your extensions to the latest available versions.

What’s new in Sell Media 1.9?

Thanks to your generous feedback we’ve been able to make changes that will improve how your users interact with your products on your website.

  • Responsive (mobile) e-commerce for creatives – Now your customers will be able to effortlessly purchase your artwork directly from their mobile devices.
  • Flat taxes – Configure your store to apply a flat tax to all purchase.
  • Advanced search integration – We’ve optimized and incorporated the Advanced Search extension into our core Sell Media product, making it accessible to everyone who downloads it! Search by title, by collection, by keyword or by price. This should make finding the photographs they need a little easier. A win-win situation.
  • Sell packages – Sell many images at once using the new Packages feature. This is perfect those of you who do weddings, event and studio photography.
  • Streamlined checkout process – Buyers will fly though your checkout process.  Fewer clicks between your customer and the product means more sales for you!

Three New Shipping Options

You can now add shipping rates through our Photo Reprints extension. You’ll be able to pick from three different shipping rates that will help you determine your customer’s shipping costs based on your customers’ purchases.

Navigating Sell Media 1.9

Although not much has changed in the way Sell Media administration panel looks we have added new tabs that house the many features we listed above.

Finding the new packages feature is really simple. First visit your Sell Media plugin menu and click on Add New. Here you will be able to open the new Packages tab. This tab is where you will be able to determine the name and price of your package after you’ve uploaded it via FTP to your website.

Packages in Sell Media

The new shipping rates feature can be easily found through Sell Media’s settings section. You’ll be directed to a page with five tabs. Clicking on the Pricing tab will open the section where you’ll be able to determine what shipping rates you would like to apply to your products.


Remember we have many more extensions available for Sell Media that will help you increase your sales, geenrate better insights, and improve your customers’ shopping experience on your website. Please check them out! We know you’ll love them!

Hope you enjoy Sell Media 1.9!

We hope you’ll enjoy everything we’ve packed into Sell Media 1.9. We’re always trying to find ways to make selling your artwork a little easier everyday.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the help of your generous feedback. If you’d like to continue helping us improve Sell Media for you please send us your feedback, share your awesome ideas or simply tell us how much you love using Sell Media by stopping by our support forum. We’d love to hear from you!

You are always welcome to contribute to Sell Media by helping us build it through our Github page. Sell Media is open source, after all. And we’d love to have you participate!

Sell Media is what it is today because of you! If you love it please take the time to share your thoughts in our WordPress.org plugin page.

5 responses to “Say Hello to Sell Media 1.9”

  1. Arielle Myers Avatar
    Arielle Myers

    Since this new update, it’s not following the price groups at all. Which makes it useless to me.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Can you double check to make sure you don’t have duplicate Price Group names? I suspect this is the issue. Otherwise, please contact our support team and they’ll get you sorted: http://graphpaperpress.com/contact/

  2. hameac2034 Avatar

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  3. Stephen Avatar

    Since the last update, I’ve lost the ability to have a “gallery of collections” page. Before, I simply linked to my “buy fine art prints” parent collection and the child collections were displayed as thumbnails within. After updating, it is just a list of all my items. This kills much of the usability for my visitors as they now have no visible reference to what I am selling.

    Sure, I can just list my collection links in the menu, but it is not as pretty. Anyway to get it back?

  4. Sudheer Yadav Avatar
    Sudheer Yadav

    NICE ARTICLE SEE INDIAN MOVIE UPDATE ON http://www.guruofmovie.com/

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