Sell Media: See How Featured User Nate Hart Sells His Photography Online

If there’s a better feeling for a photographer than capturing the perfect image, it could very well be selling a print of that image online. It’s fulfilling when someone who has never met you visits your website, connects with your work and makes a purchase. Plus, it enables you to make a career out of your passion – something few people are able to accomplish in life.

Nate Hart is a photographer based in Lindenwold, NJ, about 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. He shoots everything from portraits and travel to cars, architecture and beachscapes. (His wildlife and nature photography is particularly awesome.)

After stumbling upon our Stock Photography theme, Nate began using our free Sell Media plugin to sell signed prints and posters of his images. Sell Media integrates with his entire website, so users can always buy an image they like within a few mouse clicks.

Nate Hart

Let’s see what Nate has to say about Sell Media:

How long have you been using Sell Media? What do you like about it?

I’ve been using Sell Media for about a year and a half now. Having the option of selling my downloads is a big plus, and having a system that’s easy to use for both me and my customers is a win-win.

How did you sell your photos online before Sell Media?

Wow, well I didn’t even sell downloads before. And the way I sold prints was with PayPal buttons. I had to create each button separately with all of the necessary information and then insert the code. It was a real pain.

Besides the fact, I really didn’t have the organization, reporting, etc. that comes with Sell Media. And now with all of the additional extensions I’ve added, I’ve been able to fully integrate it with ease.

Why do you love photography?

Photography, for me, has always been a way out, or a break from the norm as they might say. Some people go fishing, which I do too, but getting lost somewhere with my cameras is just the ideal adventure for me. I love being able to capture things at the right moment. I couldn’t sit down and write a good novel, but I can certainly tell a good story with one of my images.

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

If you’re looking for the best tools created with the photographer in mind, look no further. Graph Paper Press will help take your career to the next level.

Thanks so much for the support, Nate – it’s a pleasure to have you in the Graph Paper Press community. Keep up the great work!

Visit Nate’s website to browse his photography and see both our Stock Photography theme and Sell Media in action.

3 responses to “Sell Media: See How Featured User Nate Hart Sells His Photography Online”

  1. Jeff Kohler Avatar
    Jeff Kohler

    I’m a past Graph Paper Press customer. I went to Nate’s site to see how his site worked and if he had the same issues as I did. I see that his site has a similar issue. When you “save” and go the “lightbox” it doesn’t show the saved images. Will this be resolved in an a future update?

    1. Paul Avatar

      Yep, just checked it and it doesn’t work for me either, but my lightbox works as it should.
      So perhaps you both need to look at your code again.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Nate needs to update his version of Sell Media. We’ll let him know.

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