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Stripe – A New Payment Gateway For Sell Media

Do you want to accept credit card orders directly on your Sell Media enabled site? Now you can! Our new Stripe extension for our Sell Media plugin allows you to quickly and securely accept credit cards without the headache of integrating complex payment gateways, merchant bank accounts, and PCI compliance. Stripe is a new widely celebrated alternative to Paypal and other payment gateways. Here are the main benefits of using the Stripe extension:

  • Accept credit cards – Process credit card orders directly on your site.
  • Increase sales – Seamless checkout experience within your own site means increased conversions and/or sales.
  • Lower fees – Competitive pricing (in many cases cheaper) than Paypal and other gateways.
  • Advanced analytics & reporting – Beautiful analytics dashboard and sales reporting in Stipe.com.
  • PCI compliance – Keeps your customers’ data safe on Stripe’s PCI compliant servers.
  • Dead simple – Incredibly simply setup and configuration. Buyers never leave your site to make the purchase.
  • No hidden fees – Don’t get charged for refunds or disputes.
  • Global – Business in any of these countries can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Visit the Stripe extension page to learn more and download this extension for our Sell Media plugin.

2 responses to “Stripe – A New Payment Gateway For Sell Media”

  1. Craig Cacchioli Avatar

    Love the Business Bundle plugin. I’ve entered my Stripe keys into the boxes and saved the settings, but I still get the warning at the top of the screen that says “Please update your Sell Media settings to contain your Stripe keys”. I also notice that under Stripe Settings there are 2 boxes labelled “Stripe Test Secret Key”. Should one of these be Stripe Test Publishable Key and could this be the problem causing the warning? (BTW I entered my test publishable key in the second box anyway)

  2. Hoover2630 Avatar

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